Do you ever worry about what others think of you?

Have you let others judgment hold you back from doing/being what you truly want?

In today’s social media world, more than ever, people can judge, ridicule, and put people down…

But, WHY?

Why would you ever consume someone’s content (pictures, video, text, audio) and then take the time post something negative?

That’s just a waste of your time, and quite frankly totally lame…

Just this morning I saw some hater comment on my friend’s Instagram.  Somebody actually took the time to post a comment on a bikini picture saying it was photoshopped.


You feel the need to put someone else down?

You actually took the time to write that?

For what purpose?

Even if it were true (it’s not), what are you trying to gain from that?

Quite frankly, I believe it’s a clear sign that this person has some major insecurity issues so she has to lash out on someone else who she views as prettier or sexier or whatever than her.

You actually have to kinda feel bad for her…

I bring this up for a couple of reasons…

First, in my fitness career, I’ve seen so many people not get started on a program because they were too worried what others would think of them – “Oh, there she goes again trying to lose that weight.”

Or, they worry about showing up to the gym because they’re concerned that other members will judge them or look down on them.  Trust me, they’re all too worried about themselves to worry about you!

And, by the way, if someone actually does think poorly of you, SO WHAT?!

The issue isn’t you.  It’s them.

Just like the person in the Instagram example above, anyone who looks down on someone actually has an issue with them self.

And, yes, it may be someone who is considered prettier, sexier, and more fit than you.  However, the reality is that she’s so insecure about herself as she compares herself to the person considered prettier, sexier, and more fit than she is… That’s why she’s putting you down.

The other reason I bring it up is that today there are more opportunities than ever to make your own way.  I previously wrote about doing what makes you happy, not just what pays the bills (read that here).  

And, I’m not just talking about radical career change here…

Maybe you want to start a blog or a podcast or write a book.  Maybe you just want to share more and be a source of inspiration on social media.  It doesn’t matter…

You need to do what’s going to make you happy!

Unfortunately, the biggest thing that stops people from taking action is FEAR OF JUDGEMENT.

“What will they think?”

“They” might be friends, family, and/or co-workers.

Well, “they” don’t really matter.

It’s YOUR life.  Why should “they” have any say?

Trust me, people thought I was nuts starting my own business, and some really important-to-me “theys” were really worried.  But, I knew deep down that I wasn’t going to be truly happy if I didn’t do it.

And, as much as “they” were concerned it was because, deep down, they actually wanted me to be happy, but couldn’t see that doing my thing was actually what was going to make me happy.

So, often times, “they” have good intentions.

By the way, there were also “theys” that were jealous…

That happens a lot when you break outside the “box.”

Not my issue.  Not yours either.

There will always be “they”, but the most important consideration needs to be YOU.

Do and pursue the things that make you happy.

Are you with me on this?

By the way, I once had someone take the time to write me a pretty lengthy email about how she couldn’t stand reading my newsletter because of all the grammar issues!

What was her real issue?

I don’t know.  It doesn’t matter.

I’m good with my newsletter even if nobody reads it.  Writing it makes me happy. 🙂


Justin Yule

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