It’s more common than you think

So, it’s definitely that time of year…
As we approach the end of the school year and the beginning of summer, gyms will see their members show up a little more sporadically – some will even “take the summer off” with the intent (that typically doesn’t come true) to come back in September.
Summer is a great time of year.  It’s certainly my favorite.
I love being able to just walk outside in shorts and a t-shirt and go about my day.  I can take a break from work and just go for a walk without a wardrobe change! 🙂
However, with the nicer weather comes the excuses to miss workouts…funny how the crappy winter weather brings about similar excuses…
There’s certainly a lot to navigate in the summer – graduation parties, BBQs, time at/on the lake, and just the wonderful ability to sit on a patio for dinner (and, yes, cocktails for those who want them) with friends, right?
But, besides an out of town vacation, why do so many people get sporadic or even stop their workout program entirely?
For some, they mistakenly believe that being more active outside can replace their workouts.  
I won’t go into the long list of research, but let me just say that taking care of the lawn or going on long walks around the lake does NOT replace structured strength training.  
You will lose fat-burning muscle (thus decrease your metabolism) if you stop lifting weights!
I think for most people, it starts with a long weekend or a vacation away…then it’s hard to get back to the routine.  One missed workout leads to two, which leads to four, then eight…then, before you know it, you haven’t been to the gym in a couple weeks and you’re into a new routine that’s hard to break…
Sound familiar?
To make matters worse, people will often feel guilty and even shame themselves for falling off the wagon.  They become too embarrassed to get back in the gym – perhaps because they gained a bunch of weight in their time off.
Well, if you or someone you know falls into that category, know this…
In fact, you might even consider it “normal.”
Now, if you’d like to break the norm, be extraordinary, and get (and maintain) great results you have to do things a little differently…
I’d even suggest looking at your exercise program differently…
When you workout to lose weight you typically end up finding it again.  Instead, seek to make your workouts part of your routine because you know you feel so much better when you do!
Now, with summer approaching you may have to alter the routine little…
Here are a couple examples:

  1. If you have kids home from school you may need to change the time of day you workout…but, still make it one of the activities in your daily planner.
  2. If you normally workout 5 days per week, over the summer you might reduce that to 2 or 3.  The most important thing is that you’re still maintaining some consistency in your strength training.

Another thing to think about over the summer is a change in your goals…
Again, everyone is always so focused on losing weight, right?  Instead, summer might just be about maintaining. After all, not gaining weight can be a real challenge for many people!
Justin Yule

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