Is this the secret to better days…..

I’ve been reading/listening to/focusing on a lot of info about how to have better days – days that are more productive, more energizing, and just make you feel really accomplished, happy, and grateful when you put your head on the pillow at night…
The one thing that all the experts seem to agree on is this…

As much as some people like to fight routine, studies continually show we do better with routine.
When we follow a daily routine, our bodies and minds just function better.  Plus, things like exercise and supportive nutrition more easily become habit…
And, everyone knows that CONSISTENCY is the most important thing when it comes to building a better body.
Ironically, my old buddy BJ Gaddour posted a meme on his Instagram account yesterday that said:
“Consistency is the most anabolic substance you can give you body.”
His message was directed to people trying to build muscle who think anabolic steroids is the answer, when in reality performance enhancing drugs won’t do any good if the person taking them isn’t committed to training…
Now, I doubt anyone reading this is interested in taking steroids, but the point is still the same – you’re not going to effectively lose (and maintain) weight if you’re not consistent with training and nutrition…and SLEEP.
I want to focus on wake time for the rest of this lesson…
The thing that’s so special/unique/magical about the morning is that it’s the part of the day that you have the most control over.
Think about it.
Once you start dealing with kids, spouses, work, or even social media, you’re at the mercy of everyone else; your day can go sideways in a heartbeat!
But, first thing in the morning, if you get up just a little bit earlier (even just 10-15 minutes) the morning is YOURS.
Even with just 10 minutes per day, you’re gaining over an hour per week – that’s over 60 hours per year!
All of a sudden, the “I don’t have time to do X” excuse goes away.  😉
Now, let’s talk about energy…
While it’s counterintuitive, “catching up on sleep” doesn’t really work very well.
Our bodies like consistency.
It comes back to circadian rhythms and hormones, and each of us has our own “cycle” – by the way, that’s why there’s different “ideal times” for people to go to bed and wake up (read The Power of When).
So, let’s say for example, you workout at The Transformation Club at 5:45 am on M/W/F.  “Sleeping in” is actually NOT ideal on T/Th.  Instead, get up at the same time and use that time for a home workout, long walk, or work on that project that you never have time for…
By the way, if you’re too tired to do that, then you’re probably going to bed too late!!  You need to change your bedtime.
“But, I can’t go to bed earlier!  There’s too much to do!!”
Sound the buzzer… 
There’s NOT too much to do.  The reality is that you’re just not as efficient and effective as you would be if you were functioning at an optimum level.
Nighttime tasks WOULD go smoother and quicker if you were better rested and more focused…
And, YES, I am aware that a lot of parents are dealing with kids activities and homework.  That certainly makes an earlier bedtime more challenging, especially since teenagers internal clocks are actually more conducive to staying up later and waking up later…
Anyway, this actually is NOT meant to be a sermon about getting up earlier or going to bed earlier (that’s not ideal for some people).
Instead, the lesson is about getting up and going to bed at the same time on a daily basis as much as possible.
Get your body (and your mind) into a consistent rhythm.
That’s what’s going to go lead to better days…
Justin Yule
Chief Transformation Officer
The Transformation Club
Work: (952) 224-4852
P.S. – Here are just a few of the resources that I’ve been enjoying lately:

  • The Perfect Day Formula
  • The Sleep Revolution
  • The Power of When


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