Is Lack of Equipment the Issue for People Struggling with Weight Loss and Fitness

It’s always interesting when someone gets their first look at the training floor at The Transformation Club…

They’re often puzzled by the wide-open floor and the fact that there are NO machines. In fact, there’s actually not much equipment at all.

Sure we’ve got plenty of dumbbells, kettlebells, resistance bands, and suspension trainers, but, by most gyms standards, that ain’t much.

Heck, I actually ran the business quite successfully for the first year and a half with nothing more than a selection of resistance bands that I wheeled into my subleased space with a suitcase!

In all my 22 years of being a fitness professional, I’ve never determined that someone’s lack of results stemmed from a lack of equipment.

Yet, go into any health club and there’s a sea of equipment.  They love to show it all off on their tours. ;-b

Don’t get me wrong; I’m not down on health clubs or having a variety of equipment, but don’t get it twisted…when you sign up for a membership to a typical health club (big or small) you’re just renting access to equipment.

Now, if you love that equipment and you’re going to get a lot of use out of it that’s great!

But, make no mistake, most people can spend about $100 on a set of resistance bands and get the same results.  You can put together a FANTASTIC home gym for under $1000.

So, why then do all these equipment access facilities stay in business?

Well, for many, the gym atmosphere is something they really enjoy and that keeps them going.  And, SHOWING UP is the first step to results.

I used to love working out in a big-box gym.  Now I can’t stand it, but that’s another story.

The point of all this is that equipment is irrelevant.

Showing up is where results begin…

Of course, you have to know what to do when you’re there, which is also another story.

So, back to showing up…

The first thing someone needs to figure out when they want to make exercise a part of their lifestyle is, WHAT WILL GET ME TO SHOW UP?

Because, for most of the people I’ve helped over the last two decades, showing up is half the battle.  

In fact, a very important part of what my TEAM at The Transformation Club does every day is recognizing people for showing up and reaching out to them when they don’t.


What helps you show up?


What do you need to help you show up?

I’m so happy and grateful to help you in any way that I can.  🙂


Justin Yule

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Husband. Dog Dad. Author. Coach. Entrepreneur. Transformation Specialist. Justin Yule is the founder, president, and chief transformation officer of The Transformation Club. In addition, he serves fitness professionals worldwide as a business coach and subject-matter expert. Justin is the co-author of the best-selling book, The Transformation Book, as well as the author of the fictional tale, The Transformation Path. He is also the co-host of The Transformation Show podcast. Justin has a bachelor of science degree in physical education with a concentration in adult fitness and holds multiple specialty training certifications in fitness. He has been educating, motivating, and inspiring clients to become the best version of themselves since 1997.

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