I’m fed up with these!

I wanted to address a “beef” I have with the weight loss & fitness industry…
Specifically, “meal replacements.”
As I mentioned a couple weeks ago, weight loss and fitness center advertisements are in full swing again.  September, like January, is prime time for new business and reactivations.
We’re no different.  
However, where I get frustrated (and even angry – yes, I need to let it go) is with the dishonest programs that ultimately do more harm than good in the long run…
For example, any program that suggests you should live on their so-called “meal replacements” – shakes, bars, and other prepared food-like-substances is ultimately a scam.
Now, don’t get me wrong.  I’m all for a high-quality protein shake.  In fact, I drink 1 – 2 per day.
But that’s WAY different than a program that prescribes something like, “eat/drink 4-5 of our meal replacements and then a healthy dinner with your family.”
For one, is that really how you want to live?
Oh, but wait…
“It’s only for the short term until you hit your weight loss goal.”
So, what happens when you stop doing what got you did to achieve the weight loss?
You guessed it…you gain the weight back…and usually more.
But rather than get into the fact that all of these programs are just cover-ups for super-low-calorie diets (~800 – 1200 calories) which wreck your metabolism and screw up your hormones setting you up for a lifetime roller coaster ride with your weight, have you ever taken a look at the ingredients?!
I don’t want to go deep here so I’ll just say…THEY’RE CRAP!
A generalization?
Just look a the nutrition labels to know, and if you’re unsure, please send me a picture and I’ll do my best to decipher it for you.
Intuitively, we all know that these programs aren’t actually healthy (although healthier than living on fast food), but sadly, many people are willing to overlook that or even give up health for weight loss.  
The lower number on the scale and the smaller dress size today are more important than potential health issues later.  Plus, nobody thinks it’s going to happen to them…
Now, as if all that wasn’t enough to take issue with, what really gets me steamed is the way they make people believe that the best way to eat for weight loss is to have six meals per day – to regulate blood sugar and keep your metabolism going strong all day.
And, believe me.  I fell for this gimmick back in the day myself.
There was a very popular nutrition approach where you ate 3 meals per day (breakfast, lunch, and dinner) and drank/ate 3 meal replacement shakes/bars in between.
Why not just eat real food for those 3 “snacks?”
The programs sold you on convenience.
The reality is, they just wanted you to buy more product.  And I did!
It’s actually genius marketing…although totally unethical.
It’s not necessarily unethical to sell a more convenient solution – prepping meals can be a royal pain in the butt, especially when you think you’re supposed to eat 6 times per day.  
My issue is with the fact that there’s no real benefit to consuming 6 meals per day vs 3 or 4.
That’s totally made up.
It became really popular in the low-fat craze days because without healthy fat in your diet you’re starving 3 hours later, and when you’re starving you tend to make poor food choices – it’s easy to rationalize going through the drive-thru.  
Plus, 6 meals per day sells a lot of meal replacement products!
Anyway, without getting into a total rant here, let me just wrap up by saying…
Please do your homework before deciding on a program this fall.
Oh, and by homework, I don’t mean read the brochures of the company trying to sell you their diet plan/products.  🙂
Justin Yule
P.S. – The Transformation Program focuses on eating real food and learning how to eat for life.  If learning about a healthy approach to weight loss and MAINTENANCE is of interest to you come check us out. 🙂 

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