How's it going so far?

We’re do I even begin?

To tell you the truth my head is still spinning a bit, and I’m REALLY sore; I didn’t think to use Muscle Aid (a.k.a. anti-soreness juice) throughout the weekend while packing up the house – DUH! ;-b.

It’s an interesting way to start off the year with a move…

Seems like that’s been a common thing in recent years:

  • 2011: Moved into my previous location, Fitness Revolution
  • 2016: Moved into our current location, The Transformation Club
  • 2018: Moved into temporary housing until our house is ready (2/23)

Let’s see if we can get another streak of no moves for New Years.

Although, lots of people have requested I open up another Transformation Club…

For now, let’s focus on this new year.

For those who set goals, you’re now basically in one of three categories:

  1. You haven’t started yet. The holidays extended into January and you’re still feeling behind.
  2. You’ve already given up.
  3. You’re cranking away with multiple daily wins in the book, and you’re excited to keep the momentum going.

So, where do YOU stand?

If you haven’t started yet, what are you waiting for?

Life is always going to throw curve-balls and things will go unexpectedly…

Just take a simple, small step. If you’re goal was to start exercising in 2018, do 30 seconds of jumping jacks when you get up in the morning. When you get that a few days in a row, add in some push-ups or planks. Then, just keep building from there…

If you’ve already given up, ask yourself “WHY?”

Not just, “why did I give up?” Ask yourself, “WHY did I set this goal in the first place?”

Your reason WHY is one of the most important and powerful things when it comes to goal achievement. Whey you have a powerful of enough WHY obstacles and excuses will fade away…

If you’re cranking away, CONGRATS! Keep the momentum going. Make sure you recognize your wins and give yourself praise for what you’ve accomplished and the progress you’re making.

Never underestimate the power of small wins and rewards… Just don’t get cocky and please don’t celebrate your successes with things that completely contradict your goals (e.g., meet your weekly exercise goal so you celebrate with a piece of cake).

2018 is just getting underway…

How’s it looking for you so far?

Send me an email and let me know. 🙂


Justin Yule
Chief Transformation Officer
The Transformation Club
Work: (952) 224-4852

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Husband. Dog Dad. Author. Coach. Entrepreneur. Transformation Specialist. Justin Yule is the founder, president, and chief transformation officer of The Transformation Club. In addition, he serves fitness professionals worldwide as a business coach and subject-matter expert. Justin is the co-author of the best-selling book, The Transformation Book, as well as the author of the fictional tale, The Transformation Path. He is also the co-host of The Transformation Show podcast. Justin has a bachelor of science degree in physical education with a concentration in adult fitness and holds multiple specialty training certifications in fitness. He has been educating, motivating, and inspiring clients to become the best version of themselves since 1997.

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