How We Drink Red Wine…300 Glasses at a Time!

The truth is, I don’t actually drink wine (in the traditional sense) anymore, but before I get to that, let’s talk about the purported health benefits of red wine…

Red wine has been said to be good for everything from lowering your cholesterol and improving heart health to blood sugar control, enhancing memory, and immune boosting.  I even saw one article that talked about cancer prevention!

Of course, you can’t believe everything you read…

A lot of the studies are corollary – people in [insert place] are healthier and they also drink red wine regularly so it must be the red wine, right?  I don’t think so.

However, there ARE studies that show the health benefits of an ingredient in red wine when supplemented in effective doses.  That ingredient is trans-resveratrol.

The recent discovery that concentrated trans-resveratrol activates human genes responsible for longevity, survival, and cardiovascular health has triggered worldwide research into this powerful substance.

BUT, the doses used to provide those health benefits won’t be found in a single glass of wine…

In fact, you’d have to drink about 300 glasses of wine to consume an efficacious amount of trans-resveratrol!

Resvante - I Drink 300 Glasses of Wine at a Time

And, that is precisely what Janell and I do…sort of…

Remember, earlier I said I stopped drinking wine?

Well, here’s why:

I’ve personally come to recognize that my body just doesn’t do good with any kind of alcohol – I don’t metabolize it well, I totally pack on weight, I sleep terribly, and just about any amount gives me a hangover.  🙁

I like to be on my A-game as much as possible so booze is just out for me.  Besides, as I said earlier, you can’t actually get the benefits of trans-resveratrol without drinking way too much red wine.

That’s where ResVante comes in.  It’s the ultimate trans-resveratrol supplement on the market…  

Eniva - Resvante 300 Glasses of Wine

Only ResVante delivers ultra pure trans-resveratrol from the French wine country in an activated liquid design with synergistic co-factors and a proprietary red wine extract complex that promotes prolonged use by the body through metabolic channeling.

ResVante also possess enzymatic sirtuin longevity gene activation properties.  Resveratrol molecules have been shown in a clinical study to turn on the pathways that repair DNA cellular damage to slow the aging process.

Bottom Line:  Just like all Eniva products, ResVante is of the highest quality, doctor formulated, and backed by real science.

There is one caveat to supplementing with ResVante though…

Without getting overly scientific, because it stimulates the same genes as exercise (a very good thing), it’s best to take it at the opposite time of day.  

Most people like to drink it at night (mixed with water or sparkling water it makes a nice wine replacement), but that’s not ideal if you workout in the evening.  Instead, start your day with 300 glasses of wine. ;-b

How to Use ResVante

Per Dr. Ben, I drink ResVante at the opposite time of day from my workout.  Sometimes I’ll just shoot it straight. Other times I’ll mix it with water in a wine glass and sip it while chatting with Janell.  🙂

You can order your ResVante buster one of three ways:

  1. Click HERE.  Then pick up at The Transformation Club
  2. Make your purchase the next time you’re at The Transformation Club
  3. If you’re not local, order here for delivery.

If you have questions about ResVante please contact me directly.


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