How to Be Consistent

Today, I want to talk about “finding your mojo” and “getting [back] in the groove” with your fitness program.
I’ve shared time and time again that it’s harder to maintain weight loss and/or fitness than it is to achieve it…
That’s because it’s fairly easy to get psyched up to do something short term for a specific result – a perfect example is a 6-week weight loss challenge.
You do the program.
You get into a groove.
You feel great.
You find your mojo.
You have fun along the way.
And, then…
It’s no longer new.  The novelty has worn off.  That specific program is “over.”
Sure, you can make the decision to join as a regular member, and maybe you even continue to show up consistently…for a while.
But then something happens…
The same thing that happens to all of us…
Some roll with it, but stats show 91% of people get rolled over by it…
You miss a session for one reason or another.  
That turns into two sessions.  
Then a week goes by and you haven’t stepped foot in the gym.  
Before you know it, a week becomes a month and the idea of going back is just daunting…
Often guilt and shame set in because you gained all your weight back so you’re afraid to show your face – “What will they think of me?”
Other times you’ve just fallen so far off the wagon that you feel like garbage and even though you tell yourself you’re going to go back tomorrow you just can’t drag yourself out of bed in time.
So, how do you get of this rut (or avoid it completely) like the 9% of people who actually stick with their program?
First, you stop beating yourself up about it.  All that negative talk just digs you into a deeper hole.  For more on that, read Part 1 of The Transformation Book.
Second, accept the fact that things will never be perfect so stop waiting around for a time that will never come…
“Perfection is the enemy of progress.” ~ Winston Churchill
Third, understand and accept what results actually look like:
What Weight Loss Looks Like
By the way, as you get more and more into it, those plateau lengths turn into MONTHS…and that’s OK.
Next, don’t go it alone.  Find a supportive community and a group of people you can be accountable to.  That’s a HUGE reason why we’ve been blessed to have clients with us for 5, 6, 7, even 8 years!  🙂
Finally, and this is probably the hardest because it’s counterintuitive…
Realize that to get your mojo back and find your groove again YOU HAVE TO DO THE THING THAT GOT YOU THERE IN THE FIRST PLACE, which is the thing that you’re struggling with right now…
Listen, if you’re struggling to workout out consistently and/or follow a supportive meal plan THE ONLY THING that’s going to get you going again is to start working out and eating supportively again…
If you want to jump-start the process, do what Janell, our TEAM at The Club, and dozens of our members are doing this week – The 7-day Detox & Cleanse.
You can order your Detox Kit one of three ways:

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And, please, if there’s anything I can do to help you, reply and let me know.
Justin Yule

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