Health Care = Wealth Care

Health Care = Wealth Care

When Janell & I first met Maria, like a lot of new clients, she was very nervous to get started.
Maria was extra nervous because of her health issues…

You see, every morning, Maria would have to pack her nose with tissues to stop her bloody nose – every morning!
She also popped Tums all day to deal with her acid reflux. As a matter of fact, her acid reflux was so bad that she was scheduled for esophagus surgery due to the damage it created!!
On top of all that, she was taking over $200 in prescription and over-the-counter medications to deal with all her symptoms!!!
Well, to make a long story short…
By the time Maria completed her initial 3-week program, she was no longer dealing with nose bleeds (SAVING MONEY ON KLEENEX), and she stopped popping Tums (SAVING MORE MONEY).
On top of that, she was cleared to be off ALL her medications (SAVING LOTS MORE MONEY) and her doctor canceled her esophagus surgery (SAVING MONEY AND PAIN)!
Just the savings on monthly meds. alone cover the cost of training…for the rest of her life!!
Now, that’s a damn good ROI. 🙂
Oh, and far as weight loss, Maria lost 15 pounds in her first 3-week program, and went on to lose about three times that within the next few months!!!
I’ll share one more but from a different perspective…
After one of our 6-week 20-pound Challenge info sessions, I had a conversation with one of the participants that went something like this:
Steve: “You know, you’re going to save me a lot of money with this program.”
Note: I talk about how much money people end up saving on booze, lattes, fast food, etc. One woman actually told me in a different conversation that she calculated that she spent over $400 in a typical six weeks at Starbucks!!!!
Me: “Really? How’s that?”
Steve: “Insurance. By improving my health so much, I’ll be able to lower my premiums. That’s going to be worth thousands!”
Interesting point of view, right?
So, it brings me back to…
The best financial investment you can make is IN YOURSELF.
To wrap this up, let me share this quote from my buddy Sam, another mentor of mine:
“Most people spend the first half of their lives sacrificing their health to build their wealth. Then they spend the second half of their life spending their wealth to fix their health. If you start with your health, you can enjoy both in the end.”
OK. No more financial planning advice from your personal trainer.
Justin Yule
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