Happy? Tax Day

Happy Tax Day! ;-b
Before getting into today’s lesson, and without getting into a political discussion, I just want to say one thing about taxes…
If you have to pay a lot…I believe you should be more grateful.
Forget whether you agree with our current tax codes/laws or not; I certainly have my issues with it.
Just focus on the fact, generally speaking, you pay more when you make more…so be grateful that you do…
And, YES!, I totally get it – “I work my ass off and create my financial situation, nobody gave me a handout” – but I still believe everyone should be grateful for the ability to work, create, contribute, provide, etc.
There are a lot of people who are either in situations where they don’t have that opportunity or are stuck so deep in a rut that they can’t see their opportunity.
If you’re reading this, you’re definitely in the population of the world that has/sees a greater opportunity.
Anyway, I’m not here to preach; just wanted to shed some light on your day – you can’t be upset and grateful at the same time – since most of us get annoyed/discouraged/frustrated when it comes to paying (what we’ll likely always perceive as high/unfair) taxes.
Now, If you’re still really pissed off about your taxes, take it out on the weights. ;-b
On to today’s lesson…
I was thinking about daily choices (specifically around nutrition, exercise, sleep, stress & supplements), and it occurred to me that when it comes to our health we either make deposits or withdrawals…
We either improve our health or we take from it.
But then I realized that the deposits have an additional “interest” and the withdrawals have an additional “tax” on them…
Think about it – a workout today is a deposit, but there’s also the ongoing benefit (interest) you receive on it for days to come…
It could be as simple as the metabolic boost that a proper workout can give you for the next 24+ hours or it could be the cumulative effect (compounding interest) that multiple workouts days, weeks, months, years bring.
On the flip side, a night of partying (drinking, funky foods, less sleep) is clearly a major withdrawal…
But, there’s also a “tax” you’re going to pay on that. You know what I’m talking about – one wild night can turn into a series of less productive days and just feeling like crap! Obviously, regular withdrawals will lead to all kinds of bad stuff – diabetes, heart disease, cancer…
So, I recommend you start looking at your healthCARE plan (not SICKcare, which is our medical system) much like you would your financial plan. Look at each choice you make as a deposit or withdrawal, and be extra sure to keep in mind the “taxes” you pay on some of those choices.
Doesn’t mean life can’t be fun. You may just redefine what “fun” means to you. Having to drive around in one of those little scooters or being in hospice care in my 70s or 80s doesn’t sound like much fun to me…
Personally, my healthCARE plan is about living really well and having lots of fun past 100!
If you’re onboard with living a LONG life and being happy, healthy and fit to the end, reply back and let me know – we’re in this together! 🙂
Justin Yule
P.S. – If you strategized well (or had some hits that loaded up your deductions) and you’re getting a nice refund check, I would encourage you to:

  1. Put half away for a rainy day,
  2. Invest the other half in your health/longevity.

My thoughts (I’m no financial planner) are that the first half will ease stress, which is always a good thing, and the second half will make life even more worth living. 🙂

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