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Group Personal Training

Our group personal training classes (GPT) are pretty much what they sound like – personal training in a group setting. We focus on metabolic resistance training, which is proven to get faster results with less time and effort than every other training method out there.





We understand that no two people are exactly alike when it comes to their health and fitness goals. That’s why we specialize in meeting your individual needs in a fun and motivating group setting … so you get the best of both worlds. Whether you’re training for a triathlon, nursing an injury, or have mobility concerns, our trainers will work closely with you to give you the exercises and program you need so you can efficiently and safely achieve your goals.


Most frequent questions and answers

This is a common question from people who haven’t worked out in a really long time…or ever. The answer is, absolutely!  Even though we train in a group setting, we individualize each session to make it work for you. Check out some of our success stories to see just what we mean.

Absolutely! This is one of the most common concerns we hear from people who are already pretty fit, before signing up for our program. The truth is – YOU GET OUT OF THE WORKOUT WHAT YOU PUT INTO THE WORKOUT.  Your exercises will be more advanced than our beginners and/or you’ll use heavier external loads (weights, bands, body angles, etc.).

You get out of the program what you put into it.  It’s not magic.

With that being said, our GPT program is the foundation of our super successful 6-week 20-pound Challenge we used to run.  Clients who continue with us lose 40, 60, even 100 pounds!  Plus, we get so many reports of, what we call, non-scale victories such as increased flexibility & range of motion, strength & endurance gains, better sleep, elimination of nagging injuries/symptoms, and so much more.

Absolutely!  And, that’s a GREAT question!!

We firmly believe – “You Can’t Out Train a Bad Diet.”
Nutrition is the BIGGEST KEY to your success so we lay it all out for you in our Nutrition Success Guide:

  • What do eat
  • When to eat
  • How much to eat

Plus, we give you a bunch of DELICIOUS RECIPES that you and your whole family will love!
The #1 complaint about our meal plan is…”I’m so full!” 

Another very important consideration.
As the late, great Jim Rohn used to say…

There’s nothing like being surrounded by a group of like-minded friends working towards the same goal that’s lead by a dedicated TEAM of coaches.
You’ll get all the support you need in and out of your workouts.  Our private Facebook group is an incredible resource to get all your questions answered, learn new tips & tricks, share your wins, and get help when you need it.


Our memberships include access to all GPT classes. We offer multiple classes a day, Monday – Saturday, to help fit your daily schedule. So whether you’re an early bird and enjoy working out at 5:45am, or are running late from a meeting and can’t get here until 5:45pm, you can rest easy knowing that all of our classes within a specific day are exactly the same.

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