As kids, moms and grandmas are always on our case to “eat your greens,” and they were right!

It turns out that the power of plant foods comes from their characteristic hues, and greens are in a class of their own!

Just why are verdant veggies so important?

It turns out that it’s all in the chemistry.  Green coloration in plants is caused by the power pigment chlorophyll, which has some surprisingly fabulous effects on our bodies.  In a plant, chlorophyll is its energy powerhouse working to turn rays of sunlight into plant fuel, but once it gets off your plate and into your mouth, chlorophyll goes to work on you too!

And it’s no slouch!

This mighty green molecule boosts oxygen uptake in the blood and will keep you energized and fatigue free.* Additionally, chlorophyll is a carrier of magnesium, which is a key player in how we process and create energy in our cells. Chlorophyll carried magnesium helps to metabolize vitamin C, potassium, and sodium (which, in turn, helps to regulate inflammation and swelling), and even more miraculous—chlorophyll is an amazing antioxidant and acts against the accumulation of toxins and free radicals.*

Here’s another interesting factoid:

Chlorophyll’s molecular structure is very comparable to that of hemoglobin, a vital component of human blood. The only difference is their central atom – hemoglobin has iron, and chlorophyll has magnesium.


Why is this important?

Because liquid chlorophyll performs an identical function in the human body as hemoglobin – transporting oxygen and supporting energy…

Chlorophyll is truly one of the unsung heroes when discussing the potential of nutrition.

Chlorophyll has the amazing ability to protect us from potentially harmful substances like no other food or medicine can.* It supports cellular integrity, naturally cleanses toxins from the liver and bloodstream, supports heart and brain activity, and helps the body rebuild.*

Chlorophyll is nature’s first gift to mankind, and it remains even more so today!

The bottom line: chlorophyll rocks!

So how do you get your fill?

Bring on the green veggies!  

But of course, not all vegetables are created equal.  Winners in the category of chlorophyll kings are fab foods like artichoke, parsley, kale, asparagus, arugula, and collard greens.

If you want a serious chlorophyll hit, add a teaspoon of Eniva Chlorophyll+ Liquid Greens Complex to your water.


Chlorophyll+ is a specialized dietary blend of liquid chlorophyll and body conditioning phytonutrients. This carefully designed Chlorophyll & Body Conditioner Formula focuses on supporting natural cleansing, detoxifying and purifying functions of the body.*

The cold processed, natural formula contains specialized liquid chlorophyllins plus the addition of L-glutamine, Inulin, Lemon and Apple Extracts to promote blood, intestinal and digestive health while supporting body deodorizing (including the bowels) and detoxification pathways.*

How to Use Chlorophyll+

Per Dr. Benjamin Baechler, the creator of Chlorophyll+ and co-founder of Eniva, I take 1 – 2 teaspoons daily as a maintenance dose.  I also “super dose” it when I use the Eniva Detox Kit periodically throughout the year.

You can order your bottle one of three ways:

  1. Click HERE.  Then pick up at The Transformation Club
  2. Make your purchase the next time you’re at The Transformation Club
  3. If you’re not local, order here for delivery.

If you have questions about Chlorophyll+ let me know.  🙂


Justin Yule

P.S. – Chlorophyll+ is one of Dr. Ben’s FAVORITE Eniva products!

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