Finally waking up at 43

Today is my 43rd birthday and I feel like I’m just waking up to life…
I’m just getting back to work after taking some time off for some R&R and a lot of introspection and discovery.  
I gotta say, I’m more excited about life than I’ve ever been!
Because, I’ve come to realize that, for the most part, I’ve been going about it all wrong…
Most people who know me would say I’m a very driven person.  I have a vision, work hard, and have achieved some pretty good success in my life.
What most people don’t know is how much I pushed myself and others (often pushing them away) to achieve that so-called success.
Ironically, since I first learned about it in 1999, I’ve been a big fan of the Law of Attraction.  I’ve used it to manifest a lot of great things in my life since then – I was using it before (so did/are you), but I didn’t understand it.
I mean, I’m blessed with an incredible wife, my best boy (Badger), a business that provides a good living, friends and mentors, a healthy body, and more…
However, in achieving those things I’ve also caused myself (and others) a lot of frustration, heartache, and pain.
I’ve recently discovered that my approach to the Law of Attraction, and life itself, has been out of alignment
I won’t go deep into that today as I’m still discovering it for myself, but I will share more as I learn more – if you’re interested reply back and let me know.  I may just share anyway because it helps me think it through, and if it can help you in any way with your journey to become the BEST version of YOU than I want to you get it.  🙂
I will share one thing that I’ve come to realize about my business and where I’ve really gone wrong…
You see, when I first started my business back in 2009 one of the most important and FUN aspects to me was COACHING.  
I loved designing the workouts and then coaching people through them. Coaching fired me up and kinda gave me a “high.”  I loved creating the energy in a workout and got so much fulfillment out of finding the right coaching cue to completely change an exercise for someone so they “got it.”
I also had a pretty clear intention when I started my business – I wanted it to be small, yet still have big success.  I did NOT want it to feel like a corporation. I climbed the corporate ladder before and wanted no part of that…
Well, guess what happened and what I ended up doing?
Being a pretty good coach (if I do say so myself ;-b) the business naturally grew from humble beginnings with a handful of people in a park to a business that actually had an official address and could pay the bills…
Over time, as I learned and became passionate about marketing and copywriting the business grew even more.  Eventually, I needed staff to help me.
Having help was great because it gave me some down time and allowed me to travel for continuing education, as well as vacations. I also got to “hire” my girlfriend (now wonderful wife and amazing coach, Janell). 🙂
But, then a funny thing happened…
I got really good at the marketing thing and, because I had a staff to support, my focus shifted there.  Eventually, I found myself spinning in a circle…
Hire more staff and increase other overhead to handle the growth of the business…then need more clients and other revenue to support that staff and overhead.
I also got too caught up in the “work on your business not in it” mantra that is so popular in the business world.  My ego definitely ran with this and not before long I was pretty much 100% on and 0% in.  I even convinced myself that I didn’t like coaching anymore!  🙁
I believe all this really started getting out of control in the last two years with our big move and re-branding to The Transformation Club.
In 2016 our business DOUBLED!!  That was no small feat.
And, quite honestly, in 2017 we dealt with a lot of the difficulties that come with such growth…
Now, don’t get me wrong; I am NOT complaining in any way, shape, or form.  I am BLESSED to have had the good fortune that I’ve had.
My point in sharing this with you is that all of that success is what took my eyes off the original vision…and what I originally defined as success for me.
Before I even realized it, I was back in management and I was no longer coaching at all!  Basically, I created a corporation…and it really felt like one – for me and my staff. 🙁
While I still receive plenty of happiness from my work (transforming lives is amazing work), I’ve come to realize that I lost the JOY in the day to day activities…
So, now I’m on a mission to BRING THE JOY!  🙂
And, one of the very first things I’m doing is getting back to my roots…back to coaching!  I will have a regular role in the coaching schedule at The Club from now on.
Clearly, I still have all my responsibilities outside of coaching, but here’s the irony of it all:
Me coaching had a big impact on the original success (by my original definition) of the business, and I’m quite confident it will have a similar impact on the future…
I guess only time will tell.
Justin Yule
P.S. – I encourage you to take a look at your life and see if you’ve lost some of the JOY in pursuit of the happiness…

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