Don’t Wait ‘til Monday

How many times have you fallen off the wagon in the latter part of the week and just said, “I’ll start over on Monday.”

Maybe you went to town on a pizza and some drinks on Friday night and that turned into a weekend bender…

Or, you missed your Wednesday workout…Thursdays don’t work for you…and you ended up just skipping Friday, too.

I used to find myself in those scenarios all the time…

Today is actually a great example of this because we’re having a snowstorm.  How many people will just end up “mailing it in” the rest of the week?

If your mindset is along the lines of, “I workout to _______” you’re probably going to fall into that category.  Because if you’re just associating your workout with a result, you can easily tell yourself it’s OK to just delay that result a little…it’ll still come.

Which, of course, it never really does because you find yourself in this same position over and over every time “life happens.”

So, how do you overcome this?

Change the script.

Stop working out to ______, and start working out because THAT’S WHAT YOU DO.

For example, don’t work out to lose weight.  Workout because you’re someone who values working out and has made it an important part of your life.

When you begin to identify yourself as someone who works out instead of someone who works out to _____ your life will change dramatically.  Oh, and _____ will actually happen a lot easier. 😉

And, if you’re missing your gym time today because of snow (or any other reason), throw that excuse out the window right now.  Here’s a simple bodyweight workout you can do right now:

Exercise A: 30 seconds of marching/jogging/sprinting in place.  Or for more strength, do squats or lunge variations.

Exercise B: 30 seconds of high plank with deep breathing; really push your body away from the floor on the exhale. If planks don’t work for you, dead bugs or just dead bug position breathing works great.  If you want to take it up a notch and do more strength work push-ups are a great choice.

Alternate back and forth…

You can do a 2 – 5 rounds and take a minute break and then repeat like that or you can try to go straight through for 10 – 20 rounds.


Justin Yule

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