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Today, I have my semi-annual routine appointment with my doctor.  

We review my blood work and talk about what’s going on in my world including work, personal life, my training program, nutrition, supplements, etc.  He then makes recommendations based on his specific expertise.

The thing I want to point out in that last sentence is “specific expertise.”

You see, somehow in America, doctors have been placed on this almighty pedestal where people think they know everything and they’re the end all be all…

Part of that is probably because of our twisted medical system where you have to see your general (note that word) practitioner to get a referral to the specific doctor who is actually trained to help you.

Unfortunately, many of these general practitioners go beyond their scope of practice and make recommendations – usually just blanket, often unhelpful, to cover their butts.

Now, don’t get me wrong…

I respect the heck out of the education it takes to become an M.D.

However, and M.D. is NOT a dietician, chiropractor, physical therapist, or any other specialty.

SCARY STAT:  Medical school students receive an average of only 19 hours of nutrition education over 4 years of instruction!  

Heck, Janell probably spends more time than that studying nutrition every 4 WEEKS!

With that said, many M.D.s DO go out on their own to get specialized training.

For example, Doctor Benjamin Baechler of Eniva Health is an M.D. – listed as one of the Top Docs by Minneapolis – St. Paul Magazine.  But, he also has a TON of additional education and practical training in nutrition and all things supplementation, making him my go-to expert for that.

My M.D. that I’m visiting with today is a specialist in hormones.

I see a different kind of doctor (D.C. – with a specific philosophy) for chiropractic care.

When I needed help with knee rehab many years ago I didn’t see a doctor at all.  Instead, I worked with a very skilled physical therapist.

So, here’s some advice…

The next time you’ve got something “wrong” or need some advice, think twice about visiting with your general practitioner.  And, if he/she does offer a “prescription”, don’t take it as gospel. It might be exactly what you need, but then again…

Now, I really don’t want to get any “hate mail” back so let me finish with this – I’m NOT vilifying your M.D. or any M.D.

I just want you to be more aware and realize that it’s YOUR body and in today’s world where primary care physicians only have about 15 minutes for each appointment, are buried in student loans, and have to live with the real fear of a lawsuit…

…you need to take their advice with a grain of salt, do a lot of your own homework, and seek out experts for each particular case.

Make sense?

Justin Yule

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