Do Anywhere Body Weight Workouts

Since we have a snow day here in the Twin Cities, I thought I’d share some do anywhere workouts for those days you just can’t make it to the gym…

But first, here’s a routine that I do pretty much 7 days a week – it’s my warm-up on my workout days, and I squeeze it in the couple of mornings I’m at The Transformation Club early to coach.

There are 4 segments to this routine.  Each can be done as separate programs or put together in sequence for a thorough warm-up or a recovery session.

Each exercise is performed for 30 – 60 seconds depending on how much time you have.  By the way, if you’re not sure what some of these exercises are…YouTube is your friend.  🙂

First, using a lacrosse ball:

  • Shoulder – right
  • Chest – right
  • Shoulder – left
  • Chest – left
  • Glute – right
  • Glute – left
  • Knee (inside thigh) – right
  • Knee (inside thigh) – left

Second, using a foam roller:

  • Inner Thigh – right
  • Quad – right
  • IT Band – right
  • Glute – right
  • Hamstring – right
  • Calf – right
  • Back/Spine
  • Lat – right
  • Lat – left
  • Back/Spine

Next, using a resistance band:

  • Calf Stretch/Pulses
  • Assisted Leg Lowering
  • Straight Leg Press
  • Lateral Leg Press
  • Cross-Body Leg Press

Finally, just body stretches:

  • Side Lying Reach (Open Book) – right
  • Side Lying Reach (Open Book) – left
  • Z-Sit – right
  • Z-Sit – left
  • Child’s Pose
  • Cat-Cow
  • Bird Dog – left
  • Bird Dog – right
  • ½ Kneeling Quad – left
  • ½ Kneeling Quad – right
  • Hinges
  • Squats

Finish up with some Jumping Jacks and you’re ready to go!

Now onto that do anywhere workout…

Here are two variations to a Push-up:Squat ladder and some modifications:

Variation 1

  • Perform 5 Push-ups
  • Perform 5 Squats
  • Perform 10 Push-ups
  • Perform 10 Squats
  • Perform 15 Push-ups
  • Perform 15 Squats
  • Continue up the ladder until you can’t.  Then, for a greater challenge, reverse back down.

Variation 2

  • Perform 1 Push-up
  • Perform 1 Squat
  • Perform 2 Push-ups
  • Perform 2 Squats
  • Perform 3 Push-ups
  • Perform 3 Squats
  • Continue up the ladder until you can’t.  Then, for a greater challenge, reverse back down.

If you need modifications, try these:

  • For Push-ups:  High Plank Shoulder Taps or High Plank for time (replace reps with seconds or breaths)
  • For Squats:  Glute Bridges or Wall Sits for time (replace reps with seconds or breaths)

Give these workouts a go and let me know what you think.


Justin Yule

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