Did we just commit marketing suicide?

For the last 2.5 years, we’ve become extremely well-known for our 6-week 20-Pound Challenge…
We’ve helped hundreds of people lose thousands of pounds!
Beyond the scale, the transformations have been even more incredible…  
We’ve seen energy levels and self-confidence soar.
Aches and pains disappear.
Physical limitations have been overcome.
People have gained the courage to start their own businesses and take on promotions.
Relationships have been formed and single folks have started dating again.
Marriages improve all the time…and one may actually come about as a result of meeting during a challenge (TBD).  ;-b
The list goes on and on…
Plus, while we’ve helped to transform the lives of so many people…our lives have been transformed as well!
Our business has grown tremendously.  
We were able to afford a major upgrade in our gym.  The Transformation Club is almost 4 times the size of our previous facility (Fitness Revolution) and came with a six-figure renovation price tag – totally worth it! 🙂
With the growth of the business, we were able to bring on more help to service all the additional clients and, at the same time, give ourselves a raise.
Most recently we built and moved into a home in Chanhassen.
The great thing about what we do for a living is the more people we help the more we’re rewarded…
It truly is a win-win. 🙂
Yet, even with all those amazing outcomes for our clients and us, we’ve decided to stop running the 6-week 20-Pound Challenge!
Are we crazy?
Well, we might be crazy, but not because of this.  ;-b
With all the wonderful, life-changing benefits the 6-week 20-pound Challenge has brought about, there’s also a dark side
In fact, I’ve identified 3 major flaws with the 6-week 20-pound Challenge:
1)   The Misbelief That You Have to Continue Training 5x/week
During the 6-week 20-pound Challenge, we required challengers to workout 5 days per week.  We did this because the timeline is short and we wanted to maximize results (i.e., lose 20 pounds).
That’s all fine and dandy, but it’s generally NOT REALISTIC ongoing…
Most people just don’t have the time in their busy schedules to get to the gym 5 days per week…which is fine because to achieve long-term results, you don’t need to!
In fact, there are countless studies showing 2 – 3 days per week works great.
That’s why insurance companies have reimbursement programs for people who workout 12 times per month.  We actually have that program (and another) at The Transformation Club now. Members can SAVE $40 every month just by showing up 12 times per month!  🙂
2)  The Misbelief That When You Lose The 20 Pounds Your Done
This is probably the ultimate failure of the 6-week 20-pound Challenge.
I’ve seen too many people (HUNDREDS) successfully complete the challenge only to put all the weight back on.  UGH!
The fact that it’s a 20-pound Challenge creates the mindset that when you accomplish the goal you’ve “won” and now you’re done…
But the fact is, you’re never done!
You have to MAINTAIN your results.
Now, like I discussed in Misbelief #1, you do NOT have to continue training 5 days per week to maintain or even further your results.  You CAN do that with just 2 – 3 days per week…even 1 during those times when life throws you a curveball.
Unfortunately, too many people who complete the challenge think, “I’ve got it!”  They tell me they learned so much from participating in the challenge and they’re so grateful for our help…
“You’ve given me what I need to continue on my own,” they say.
How do you think that works out for most?
Right.  Not so good.
Yes, we provide the education.  It’s all broken down for you in the manual, emails, and videos.  
However, education isn’t enough.  You actually have to DO IT! And that’s where most people struggle when they try to go it alone…
Heck, Janell and I struggle on our own!  We need accountability, too. 🙂
I recently did a survey asking, “What do you find harder – losing weight or maintaining weight loss?”
The overwhelming majority said maintenance was by far much harder.
Of course it is!  There are so many things pulling at you everyday!!  And, six weeks just isn’t enough time to LOCK IN a long-term habit…
3)  The Misbelief That If You Didn’t Lose 20 Pounds in 6 Weeks You “Failed”
This one has always bugged me.  It’s actually the reason we deliberated for over a year before we actually started offering the 6-week 20-pound Challenge.  We feared it would send the wrong message, which, in many cases, it did.
I’ve seen too many good people upset over “only losing [5, 10, 15, 18, 19] pounds” and feeling like a failure.  Yet, these same people hadn’t lost ANY weight for months or even years prior. Plus, they finish the challenge feeling more energetic than they have in forever, and many of their aches and pains disappeared!
Why should these people feel like failures?
Sadly, many do, and, for that, they don’t continue their journey…and they gain all their weight back.  🙁
The truth is, any progress – whether it includes 10, 5, 1 or even 0 pounds lost – is still progress if your improving your lifestyle and doing the *proven* things that WILL ultimately create long-term results…on and off the scale.  
In the end, does it really matter if it takes 6 weeks or 6 months?  
Of course not!
Now, do you understand why we’ve decided to stop doing the 6-week 20-pound Challenge?
It might not be the best decision from a marketing standpoint, but I didn’t get into this industry to be a marketer.
I’m so excited about The Transformation Challenge – our NEW & IMPROVED version of the 6-week Challenge.
I’m quite confident it’s going to produce better long-term results than anything we’ve ever done before…
Justin Yule
P.S. – The 6-week 20-pound Challenge was a marketing juggernaut.  Maybe we’re crazy for dumping it… All I know is that this feels right.  We’re more concerned with helping people make life-changing transformations that they’re proud of and can build upon…
If that aligns with your thinking, click the image in the sidebar to register for our next one.  🙂

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