Comebacks Suck, But What’s The Alternative?

After about a two-week forced break from working out (see article about my strange headache) I’m back at it.  I got workouts in Thursday, Saturday, Sunday, and today…

…and, all but one (yesterday) sucked.  Well, today wasn’t so bad because it was just a recovery ride, but, even still, there’s an obvious decline in performance.

If it weren’t for a LOT of experience, this could be really demotivating.

While I don’t love it, I totally get it, and I understand it’s just part of the process and part of my overall journey.

Hey, a lot of people would’ve completely fallen off the rails and not got back to working out for months, maybe years!

Besides, what’s the big deal anyway?

“Oh no, my weights are down on some of my lifts and my cardio fitness has declined a bit!”

So what?

It’s not like I’m competing in some event that affects my livelihood.

I workout to be healthy and fit.  To feel good and be at my best.

Well, none of that’s gonna happen if I get down on myself because I had a setback.  It’s certainly not going to happen if I quit altogether!

Here’s my point…

You’re going to deal with all kinds of obstacles, interruptions, and setbacks throughout the course of your fitness journey.  

If you let them get you down or keep you out of the gym, you’re never going to achieve your goals and you’re really going to feel like crap…

Yeah, “comebacks” can suck, but what’s the alternative?


Justin Yule

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