We’re saving $123.13 per month!

A couple months ago Janell and I decided to pull the plug on cable TV.  The $215.47 bill for cable and internet just didn’t make sense for us... The fact of the matter is, we don’t watch that much on TV, and what we do watch is available on Hulu.  Combine that with Netflix [...]

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16: How to Create New Habits by Showing Up

So you want to create new habits, you just aren’t sure how. What can you do to build new habits and change your life? The answer is simple: show up. That’s it. End of story. If you want to get results with anything in life you have to show up. The only way to transform [...]

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But HOW Will They Accomplish Their New Year’s Resolutions?

Happy New Year!   Are you ready for it?   If you’re on social media you’ve seen a TON of fun, motivating, and inspiring posts all about making 2019 the best year ever, the year to crush goals, the year to __________.   I’m pretty sure we saw the same thing last year and the [...]

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Did we just commit marketing suicide?

For the last 2.5 years, we’ve become extremely well-known for our 6-week 20-Pound Challenge...   We’ve helped hundreds of people lose thousands of pounds!   Beyond the scale, the transformations have been even more incredible...     LIFE-CHANGING in fact.   We’ve seen energy levels and self-confidence soar.   Aches and pains disappear.   Physical [...]

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Fascinating Weight Loss Survey Results

I recently did a survey that produced a fascinating result…   It was one question:   Which would you rather achieve? Lose 15 pounds in a 6-week 15-pound Weight Loss Challenge (achieve the goal) Lose 18 pounds in a 6-week 20-pound Weight Loss Challenge (fall short of the goal)   As you can see from [...]

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It’s more common than you think

So, it’s definitely that time of year… As we approach the end of the school year and the beginning of summer, gyms will see their members show up a little more sporadically - some will even “take the summer off” with the intent (that typically doesn’t come true) to come back in September. Summer is [...]

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Mom was right!

OK. Yesterday we kicked off our 12 Days of Christmas specials with 12% OFF Chlorophyll+, a supplement that deserves a lot of love and attention... So, what’s the deal with Chlorophyll+? Your mom was always on your case to “eat your greens,” and she was right! It turns out that the power of our plant [...]

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