RECIPE OF THE WEEK: Sunday Brunch Recipes

At our house, Sunday morning is special because it’s the only day that Justin and I eat breakfast together.  I usually make some kind of grain-free pancakes, or when we are actively doing a detox Sunday breakfast is focused on protein and veggies. Below are some of my favorite brunch recipes that you can make [...]

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RECIPE OF THE WEEK: Eat this Superfood!

Truthfully I haven’t been eating much of the superfood that I’m highlighting in today’s email.  We had one of the recipes that I am sharing with you today for dinner last night and I forgot how much I love salmon and how good it is for you!   Wild salmon is a SUPERFOOD that you [...]

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RECIPE OF THE WEEK – 5 Favorite Chicken Salad Recipes

Today I want to share with you 5 of my favorite chicken salad recipes.  I LOVE these recipes because you can make a big batch of chicken salad on Sunday and have it all week for lunches.  Or you can have a portion for your afternoon “meal.” Often in the afternoon people go for something [...]

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RECIPE OF THE WEEK: It’s Springtime!!!

Happy Spring!!! Although in most parts of the country it doesn’t feel or look like spring!  However, days are getting longer and warmer temperatures are on their way soon:-) As the seasons shift in the coming weeks, you may find that what you are seeing at the grocery store and what you are wanting to [...]

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RECIPE OF THE WEEK: We Sampled These Last Night!!!

Last night we hosted a really FUN Fitness After Dark event at The Transformation Club!  We had a DJ, wore green for St. Patty’s Day, gave out some prizes, and sample some healthy food!  We love hosting events like this for our Community of Friends in Fitness:-)   One of the things we sampled was [...]

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RECIPE OF THE WEEK: Carrot Cake Cupcakes!!!

 I remember growing up my Aunt always made me a birthday cake. She made it from scratch and decorated it and everything! It was one of my favorite parts of my birthday. Now that I eat gluten free and don’t eat a lot of grains, I make my own birthday treat. As I have gotten [...]

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My Favorite “Clean” Eating Recipes

This time of year a lot of people are focused on “cleaning” up their nutrition. While I don’t believe there are dirty foods and clean foods, clean eating is a phrase most people are familiar with. Whenever I find myself needing to increase my veggie intake and get back in the kitchen I turn to [...]

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Our Thanksgiving Line Up

  It might seem like I am talking about Thanksgiving a little bit earlier, however, Thanksgiving is 2 weeks from yesterday!!! I’m SO EXCITED! I absolutely LOVE Thanksgiving:-) I know that this time of year can be challenging to stick to a supportive nutrition plan. Trust me though; you CAN still enjoy the upcoming holidays [...]

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Pumpkin Everything!!!!

  Sunday marks the first day of October.  In my world October = PUMPKIN EVERYTHING!!! Yes, I am a pumpkin spice lover:-)  I have a whole Pinterest board dedicated to pumpkin recipes, CLICK HERE to view.  The recipes on this board are mostly grain free pumpkin breads, muffins, cookies, bars, etc.  I also have pumpkin [...]

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Dairy Free Ice Cream

A favorite indulgence in the summer for kids and many adults is ICE CREAM!!! Nothing beats cold ice cream on a warm summer day. :- )   However, dairy is a common food sensitivity for a lot of people. Roughly 75% of the world’s population is genetically unable to digest milk and other dairy products. [...]

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