25: Is One of Your Limiting Beliefs a Negative Body Image?

So many people, especially women, have a negative body image. This may stem from a limiting belief that you adopted as a child. We all want to be comfortable in our own bodies, but we often lose sight of what the real goal is. Your goal shouldn’t be a number on a scale or a [...]

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24: 4 Transformational Life Lessons

My birthday recently passed and to celebrate my 44 years on earth I decided to reflect on 4 life lessons that have helped me transform my life. (44 lessons seemed like a bit too much!) After some thought, I came up with these 4. These realizations have helped me make the most out of life. [...]

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23: Is Misery Holding You Back from Transforming Your Life?

What is holding you back from transforming your life? On this episode, we are focusing on misery. They say that misery loves company. We want to teach you how to break free from the chains of those that surround you and strive for more. You’ll learn what creates misery, why those you love may be [...]

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22: How to Overcome Insecurity and Transform Your Life

If you want to transform your life and become the best version of you then you’ll need to learn how to overcome insecurity. Recently Justin and I attended the Powerful Living Experience event and saw an amazing speaker. Dr. Sean Stephenson really made an impact on the stage and on us. He shared his Unstoppable [...]

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21: Why Identifying Your State of Being is Important to Your Transformation

Are you aware of the state of being you are in right now? Are you agitated, anxious, or worried? Or are you filled with joy, compassion, and calm? Our thoughts and feelings are intimately connected like 2 sides of the same coin. What we think influences the way we feel. And how we feel influences [...]

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20: How You Spend Your Time is How You Spend Your Life

How you spend your time is how you spend your life. “I gave my life to become the person I am right now,” this quote has really got me thinking. Everything you’ve done up to this point has gotten you here. So think about it, was it worth it? Every choice we make is a [...]

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19: Are You Making the Perfect Excuse?

You just had a baby, a loved one died, you are suffering an injury -- you have the perfect excuse to interrupt your transformation. We all experience times in our lives when we have the perfect excuse to not workout or continue eating well or save for retirement or whatever. But guess what? Your perfect [...]

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18: Why Monday Shouldn’t Matter on Your Workout Calendar

It seems that everyone’s workout calendar starts on Monday. Do you find yourself saying this in your head: I’ll get back to the gym on Monday. Sometimes during our transformation, we drop the ball. But instead of picking right back up where we left off, we often create a time constraint. This is crazy because [...]

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17: Recognizing the Difference Between Sick Care vs. Health Care with Dr. Jeff Algajer

We all may complain about healthcare, but do you know the difference between sick care vs. healthcare? Dr. Jeff Algajer is a neurologically based chiropractor located in Chaska that has a passion for restoration. He joins us on The Transformation Show today to discuss how to recognize the difference between sick care vs. health care [...]

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16: How to Create New Habits by Showing Up

So you want to create new habits, you just aren’t sure how. What can you do to build new habits and change your life? The answer is simple: show up. That’s it. End of story. If you want to get results with anything in life you have to show up. The only way to transform [...]

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