04: Family, Friends, And Healthy Holiday Eating

The holidays are fast approaching and the decisions you’ve made about sticking to healthy holiday eating habits will be tested. You know they will. So what are you going to do? How can you handle the conversations and pressures in a way that enriches your life instead of filling it with stress? This episode shares [...]

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02: Empowering Relationships VS Life-Sucking Relationships: Personal Transformation Hangs In The Balance

Let’s get right to it: If the relationships in your life are life-sucking instead of empowering relationships, you’re going to have a hard time accomplishing any kind of personal transformation. It’s as simple as that. But it’s not so simple to actually make changes when it comes to those unhelpful relationships, is it? In this [...]

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01: What IS Transformation? Google Wasn’t Much Help In Answering The Question

A show called “The Transformation Show” (like this one) had better be able to answer the question “What IS transformation?” This episode is aimed at providing that answer. To start off, Justin and Jannel decided to establish a baseline understanding and thought a quick Google search might help. It didn’t do much more for them [...]

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00: Life Transformation Is What It’s All About. Welcome To The Transformation Show

When you hear the words “life transformation,” what do you imagine? Does it have to do with weight loss or fitness? Perhaps your idea of transformation is related to healthier relationships or healing on a relational or emotional level. Or you might immediately think of debt reduction or wealth creation. Whatever your idea of life [...]

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