Your New Secret Weapon for All-Day Energy

Have you ever wished you had more energy to be more active...or even just to get through your busy day? If you answered, “YES!” then you’re in the same boat as most of my clients… Your body is an energy burning machine.  Whether you’re working out, going for a walk, grocery shopping, or driving the [...]

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I’m fed up with these!

I wanted to address a “beef” I have with the weight loss & fitness industry…   Specifically, “meal replacements.”   As I mentioned a couple weeks ago, weight loss and fitness center advertisements are in full swing again.  September, like January, is prime time for new business and reactivations.   We’re no different.     [...]

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7-day Total Body Transformation!?!?!

I’m going to make a bold statement…   I believe you can transform your body in as little as 7 days.   I’m not talking about a quick-fix program or a starvation diet either.   What I’m talking about is an all-natural, HEALTHY approach to: Boost Energy Levels* Tighten Your Waistline* Support Your Immune System* [...]

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Famous Napkin Idea

I’m sure you’ve heard stories of someone scribbling an idea on the back of a napkin that eventually turned into something extraordinary… Famous ones include Southwest Airlines, “Harry Potter,” the MRI machine, and “Shark Week.” Well, in January, 2013, Janell and I were sitting in a coffee shop when she shared an idea on a [...]

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RECIPE OF THE WEEK: Eat this Superfood!

Truthfully I haven’t been eating much of the superfood that I’m highlighting in today’s email.  We had one of the recipes that I am sharing with you today for dinner last night and I forgot how much I love salmon and how good it is for you!   Wild salmon is a SUPERFOOD that you [...]

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RECIPE OF THE WEEK – 5 Favorite Chicken Salad Recipes

Today I want to share with you 5 of my favorite chicken salad recipes.  I LOVE these recipes because you can make a big batch of chicken salad on Sunday and have it all week for lunches.  Or you can have a portion for your afternoon “meal.” Often in the afternoon people go for something [...]

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