Working Out With Injuries

If you missed yesterday’s post I highly recommend you read it now (click here). Now, what about when you’re dealing with an injury?  Should you work out or take time off? Well, the short answer is...if there are things you can still do without aggravating the injury then, YES!, you should definitely still work [...]

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Working Out (or Not) When Life “Happens”

Every now and again I am reminded of a simple truth in fitness that so many people just don’t get.  It’s such an obvious truth - at least looking from the outside looking in - that you think people would totally get it… But, I actually get why they don’t get it.  When you’re “in it”, [...]

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Lack of Results Can Be Frustrating

I want to take another look at the recent survey I sent out (you can complete it here if you haven’t done so). In a previous newsletter, I addressed the most common answer to question #1: When it comes to fitness/getting in shape/joining a gym, what is/was your biggest fear? You can read my [...]

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Recovery = Results

To get the most out of your fitness program, you need to pay attention to and maximize your recovery… Recovery = Results You see, most people don’t realize that the workout is just the stimulus for change.  The actual transformation occurs during recovery. That’s where things like sleep, stress management, and supportive nutrition come [...]

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3 Strategies for Dealing with Joint Pain

At The Transformation Club, we help a lot of people with joint pain.  Because of our approach to exercise, we do really well with people who’ve struggled to workout in other facilities - not to take a shot at them in any way; they’re better suited than we are for other needs. Anyway, besides [...]

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3 Travel Workouts for Spring Break

It’s Spring Break here in Chanhassen so I thought I’d share three workouts that travel well... Workout 1:  Push-up / Squat Ladder Note: Push-up regressions could include high planks or plank shoulder taps.  Squat alternatives could include step-ups, glute bridges, or even a switch to hip hinges. There are two ways to approach this [...]

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My fitness degree and personal training certifications are meaningless…

Besides 22 years of experience as a fitness professional, I have a degree in physical education with a concentration in adult fitness, I have a nationally recognized personal training certification with the National Academy of Sports Medicine, and I have accumulated a number of specialty certifications over the years as well. They’re all meaningless. [...]

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