Should I workout when I’m sick?

For some, being sick is a great excuse not to workout.  Others need to stop themselves from making it worse. So, what should you do? Well, first and foremost, if you’re contagious stay home!  Nobody wants your funk. ;-b Otherwise, there’s an old saying that I believe holds true: If it’s in your chest, [...]

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Working Out With Injuries

If you missed yesterday’s post I highly recommend you read it now (click here). Now, what about when you’re dealing with an injury?  Should you work out or take time off? Well, the short answer is...if there are things you can still do without aggravating the injury then, YES!, you should definitely still work [...]

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A Couple More Travel Tips

Yesterday, I shared 3 Travel Tips to Stay ON. Since I’m traveling again, I thought I’d share a couple more.   This time I’m in Chicago, which means I have access to Whole Foods.  :-) Even though I got in late last night due to delays and then traffic, after I checked in I headed [...]

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Enroll Your Reticular Activating System to Win in Life

Your brain is a goal-achieving machine, and it operates on the images you create for it. How does that work? The Reticular Activating System is part of your brain that, among other things, “finds” what you’re looking for. I’ll never forget getting my first car.  I scored big time with a used Toyota MR-2. [...]

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