…but, they still won.

Superbowl 53 did NOT go as expected.  It was NOT the high-scoring, super-exciting game that we all thought it would be.

Quite the opposite, in fact.

Many would say it was BORING…unless, of course, you love defense.

But, the truth is, most people don’t.

Offense is what sells tickets and increases viewership.

Each score by our team releases a hormonal rush in our brains that feels good.  In fact, it’s the same cascade we get when we eat sugar, receive a like on our social media post, or see the scale drop a few pounds.

The more we get it, the more we want it…

What makes matters worse is the more we get it the less effective the stimulus becomes so we need more stimulus to get the same result (e.g., 20 point games are no longer exciting just like one cookie doesn’t cut it).

We literally become desensitized to the things that make us feel good.  

There’s a ton of research on this if you’re interested in looking into this topic for yourself.  A deep dive into it is not my objective today.

What I did want to point out is this…

I’m pretty sure Tom Brady would not be happy today if he had a record-setting game last night…yet still lost.

At the end of the 60 minutes only one thing matters – did you win or lose.  It doesn’t matter if was an ugly win. A win is a win.

While it’s not a perfect analogy, I think a lot of people fail in weight loss and fitness because they’re too short-sighted, too focused on the immediate gratification, and that rush of hormones they get with each pound lost on the scale…

In 22 years I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard (in a defeated voice), “I feel great and my clothes fit better, BUT I haven’t lost any weight.”

UGH.  I already know that person is set up to lose the game

A pound or two in a few weeks is considered “no weight loss” because the expectation is set higher – possibly from a previous program (that ironically didn’t stick) or seeing what others are achieving.

Even if the number on the scale is actually ZERO, we’re overlooking two major factors “I feel great” and “my clothes fit better.”

Well, first of all, how you feel is the MOST IMPORTANT thing…that’s another lesson entirely.

And, if your clothes fit better then your body IS changing even if it’s not showing up on the scale. Remember, a person can lose X pounds of fat and add X pounds of muscle at the same time.  This would cause the scale to remain stagnant yet the person to FEEL BETTER and have her CLOTHES FIT BETTER.

It doesn’t matter if the game is ugly…

How you come out, in the end, is what matters.

Sadly, most people quit the game before it ever really gets going…

We’ve entered the month of February, the biggest gym membership cancellation month of the year.  It’s time to play some defense (against all those thoughts that creep up in your head) if you want to end up victorious.  


Justin Yule

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