But HOW Will They Accomplish Their New Year’s Resolutions?

Happy New Year!


Are you ready for it?


If you’re on social media you’ve seen a TON of fun, motivating, and inspiring posts all about making 2019 the best year ever, the year to crush goals, the year to __________.


I’m pretty sure we saw the same thing last year and the year before and the year before that…  


They’re fun to look at, but let’s get real for a moment – most of those people will lose their enthusiasm after the first setback and be right back to the same old same old come February.  🙁


Let’s talk fitness – every year some 45 million people set resolutions to lose weight.  Around 8% actually succeed.


Gyms all over the country will be packed this week.  Sign-ups at the big-box clubs will go through the roof; the salespeople love it – it’s as simple as taking orders.  Easy commissions.


Then, as history has proven time and time again, the gym will settle back to normal about mid-February.


Now, don’t get me wrong, there will be some people (that 8%) that stick with it and “crush” their goals.  Awesome.


But, what about everyone else?  The other 92%.


What about you?  Which side of the equation will you be on at the end of the year?


If you’d like to be on the winning side, here are a few suggestions to help you out…


First and foremost, once you set an actual goal, you need to answer the most important question – WHY?


Why do you want to achieve this goal?


Coming back to weight loss as the example, nobody wants to actually lose weight.  They want what they think the weight loss will for them – increase confidence, attract a partner, make them happy…


In truth, none of those things actually happen for many people who do lose the weight.  They’re still the same person, with the same energy. And, they didn’t really lose the weight for the right reasons.  After all, there are plenty of people who have high self-confidence, a partner, and are really happy who don’t have a flat stomach and a nice butt…


So, once again, WHY do you want to lose weight?


I’ve seen reasons like enjoy physical activities again, be a good role model for kids, live to see and actually have fun with grandkids, and other really meaningful things like that act as great motivators to help clients achieve their weight loss goals.  


The big reason those work so well is because they help you stick with the day-to-day habits that make the weight loss AND MAINTENANCE possible!


OK. Once you really lock down your WHY for your goal (this applies to any goal) the next step is to…




Go ahead and list them out.


Coming back to our weight loss example your list might be:

  • Join a gym or get back to the gym.  Better yet, sign up for The Transformation Project. 😉
  • Prep meals on Sunday and/or sign up for a meal delivery service like Origin Meals or Minnesota Table
  • Buy a water bottle, exercise mat, and a really good pair of training shoes
  • SCHEDULE WORKOUTS and treat them like every other important appointment that doesn’t get blown off
  • Enlist an accountability partner


Next question – WHO CAN HELP?


This could be your accountability partner, spouse, and/or trainer.  And, of course, ME! 🙂



  • What will you do in the next 24 – 72 hours?  Get some momentum going!  This could be registering for The Transformation Project and purchasing some workout gear.
  • What will you do or what progress will you have achieved the first week?  This could be as simple as working out 3 times.
  • What will you do or what progress will you have achieved the first month?  This could be workout 10 times, lock in the habit of drinking 64 ounces of water per day, and trying one new recipe per week.


By the way, during The Transformation Project, we focus on dialing in one habit per week for the 8-week course.  In our experience, when you get these dialed in you’ll have great success during and long after the program…


Alrighty then.  Now we have a goal, a reason WHY, and an actual plan that’s doable.  🙂


Follow this format for each of your goals (make sure you don’t have too many) and I promise you’ll actually come out on the winning side at the end of 2019!



Justin Yule

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