Breakfast of (Traveling) Champions

Travel can really throw some people off their game…

Late nights lead to rushed mornings. Workouts get skipped. Nutrition goes out the window.

If you travel once in a while I can see this happening, and, in reality, it’s no big deal.

But, if you travel often it starts to add up and it does become a BIG deal!

I’ve got 16 trips on my calendar this year. That’s an average of one every three weeks.

Going off the rails that often WILL add up.

For me, and the way my body works, if I ONLY slacked off on those trips and stuck to my program fully while I was home…by the end of the year I will have made NO improvements – I’d likely have more body fat and be less healthy!

I simply cannot make progress blowing off my program for 3-4 days every three weeks.

So, I stick to my program (as much as possible) when I travel, and that starts with my morning routine and breakfast…

Here’s what it looks like:

NOTE: I get the REBBL, Evolution Fresh, and Artisana Organics at Whole Foods – usually my first stop from the airport on my way to the hotel.

I find this routine really sets the stage well for my day. I’m focused, full of energy, and I’m good to go until lunch with no hunger or cravings.

By the way, I’m not opposed to a more traditional healthy breakfast like a big veggie omelet. I go with this breakfast for three reasons:

  1. The breakfast at this hotel SUCKS. The food quality is terrible.
  2. I like the convenience and efficiency
  3. It tastes great

Another thing I really like about this morning breakfast routine is the amount of liquids I get in so early in the day. Just those three drinks add up to almost 50 ounces!!!!! 🙂

Next time you travel give this a try and let me know how it goes for you.


Justin Yule


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