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How to Be Consistent

Today, I want to talk about “finding your mojo” and “getting [back] in the groove” with your fitness program.   I’ve shared time and time again that it’s harder to maintain weight loss and/or fitness than it is to achieve it…   That’s because it’s fairly easy to get psyched up to do something short [...]

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Did we just commit marketing suicide?

For the last 2.5 years, we’ve become extremely well-known for our 6-week 20-Pound Challenge...   We’ve helped hundreds of people lose thousands of pounds!   Beyond the scale, the transformations have been even more incredible...     LIFE-CHANGING in fact.   We’ve seen energy levels and self-confidence soar.   Aches and pains disappear.   Physical [...]

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Fascinating Weight Loss Survey Results

I recently did a survey that produced a fascinating result…   It was one question:   Which would you rather achieve? Lose 15 pounds in a 6-week 15-pound Weight Loss Challenge (achieve the goal) Lose 18 pounds in a 6-week 20-pound Weight Loss Challenge (fall short of the goal)   As you can see from [...]

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7-day Total Body Transformation!?!?!

I’m going to make a bold statement…   I believe you can transform your body in as little as 7 days.   I’m not talking about a quick-fix program or a starvation diet either.   What I’m talking about is an all-natural, HEALTHY approach to: Boost Energy Levels* Tighten Your Waistline* Support Your Immune System* [...]

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Let’s do a “Word of the Day” today :-)

Our word of the day… Behaviorceutical - a physical activity that improves mental health, particularly reducing stress or anxiety. I picked this up in another newsletter (thanks Chris Kresser!) that Janell forwarded to me. Coined by Kelle Lambert, a neuroscientist, it's a fusion of “behavior” and “pharmaceutical.” “I made up this term called “behaviorceuticals,” instead [...]

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It’s more common than you think

So, it’s definitely that time of year… As we approach the end of the school year and the beginning of summer, gyms will see their members show up a little more sporadically - some will even “take the summer off” with the intent (that typically doesn’t come true) to come back in September. Summer is [...]

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New Phases in Life

Well, summer is definitely in full swing!  100 degrees yesterday - the earliest Minneapolis has ever hit 100 degrees! But, we’re not allowed to complain, right?  After all, it was snowing 6 weeks ago!! ;-b I hope you had a nice weekend.  Janell and I enjoyed an extended weekend mixed with some adulting, a little [...]

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You gotta love coming home to these!

Janell and I are back from our annual anniversary trip to Las Vegas.  We had a wonderful time! As you know, going on vacation is always fun and exciting.  Coming back, not always so much… Specifically, the inbox, right? Whatever…1st world problems.  ;-b I did get two specific emails that really brightened my day yesterday [...]

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The Free Day Filter

Janell and I are heading off to Las Vegas tomorrow for our annual anniversary trip - Saturday is 6 years!!!!!! We’re really excited to totally unplug...and connect.  :-) This being our 7th year in a row going to Vegas (we got married there also) and staying at Mandalay Bay we pretty much know the lay [...]

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