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33: 7 Foundational Habits of Total Nutrition

 When many people think about changing their eating habits they often forget to consider their total nutrition. A lot of people focus on taking things out of their diet when they should actually think about putting things into their diet. When you think about adding things to your diet you begin to think in [...]

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32: Will You Lose Muscle Mass After 30?

That cardio workout you are doing may be causing you to lose muscle mass instead of fat. Most of us are over-fat and under-muscled. On today’s episode of The Transformation Show, we want to share with you why weight training is more important than you may think. By the end of this episode, you will [...]

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31: Tips for Staying Healthy While Traveling

Do you have trouble staying healthy while traveling? We recently got back from our annual trip to Vegas and want to share with you how we create our own travel fitness routine. You can continue to fit in fitness even while you’re on vacation. You just have to lay out your expectations in advance. Find [...]

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30: Why Can’t I See Better Fitness Results?

Have you been working hard on your transformation but you just don’t see your fitness results? We recently asked our newsletter subscribers what their biggest frustration was in their health and fitness goals. Many people responded that they are not seeing their fitness results or they aren’t seeing the results fast enough. Lack of results [...]

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28: How to Manage Your Minimums to Create a Healthy Lifestyle

When you are trying to create a healthy lifestyle its a good idea to choose the right minimums. You may be wondering what I mean by minimums. Your minimums are the habits that you can consistently do every day no matter what. You should be able to manage your minimums when you are under stress [...]

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27: Why You Need a Team of Healthcare Experts Working With You

After a recent medical scare, Justin and I have come to realize just how important it is to have a team of experts working with you on your total body health. On this episode of The Transformation Show, we’ll use Justin’s example to show you why it is so important to listen to your body [...]

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26: How to Change Your Self-Talk and Change Your Life

You know you need to change your self-talk. The words you tell yourself have the power over your transformation. On this episode of The Transformation Show, you will see just how much negative self-talk affects the way you think, which affects the way you feel, which affects who you are. Not only do your words [...]

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25: Is One of Your Limiting Beliefs a Negative Body Image?

So many people, especially women, have a negative body image. This may stem from a limiting belief that you adopted as a child. We all want to be comfortable in our own bodies, but we often lose sight of what the real goal is. Your goal shouldn’t be a number on a scale or a [...]

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24: 4 Transformational Life Lessons

My birthday recently passed and to celebrate my 44 years on earth I decided to reflect on 4 life lessons that have helped me transform my life. (44 lessons seemed like a bit too much!) After some thought, I came up with these 4. These realizations have helped me make the most out of life. [...]

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