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15: How Can the Expectation Gap Affect Your Transformation Journey?

An expectation gap is when our expectations don’t meet reality. This is a common problem when someone envisions their transformation. We all begin our transformation with big hopes. Often the beginning goes well, but when progress begins to slow many people become disheartened. On this episode of The Transformation Show, we discuss how your expectations [...]

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14: Is Fear of What People Think of You Hindering Your Transformation?

How much do you care about what people think of you? Is true happiness eluding you? Are you trying to make others happy rather than yourself? Today’s topic can be a sensitive subject for some. Many people find true happiness to be elusive because they are constantly trying to please others. Are you concerned about [...]

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13: How to Begin Your Financial Transformation with Billy Hofacker

Guest Billy Hofacker joins us on The Transformation Show to discuss his amazing financial transformation. He and his wife pulled themselves out of crushing 6-figure debt and transformed their lives. After overcoming so much self-imposed hardship he realized that he wanted to give back to others and help change lives. Since Billy worked in the [...]

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12: How to Create a Healthy Morning Routine

A healthy morning routine is an important part of creating a successful lifestyle. Everyone has their own morning ritual, but there are common components that successful people implement in their morning routine. Successful people often begin their day with exercise, faith, and reading. You may think that you are too busy to create healthy morning [...]

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11: Progress, Not Perfection

Have you heard of the phrase progress, not perfection? That is the focus of today’s episode of The Transformation Show. Many of you may have gotten the impression that we feel that setting goals for the New Year are a bad thing. This isn’t true! We think that goal setting is a great idea any [...]

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7: Learn How to Turn Obstacles Into Opportunities with Pat Rigsby

Do you know how to turn obstacles into opportunities? My friend, mentor, and coach, Pat Rigsby excels in turning disadvantages into advantages. Pat joins us for our first interview on this episode of The Transformation Show. Pat has never shied away from a challenge. He came from a hard-working entrepreneurial family and began his career [...]

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6: Have Faith and Take Action to Make Change Happen

 Have you been wondering how to make change happen in your life? Are you excited by the thought of transformation but are unsure of what to do next? Are you waiting for the right opportunity to present itself? On this episode of The Transformation Show, you’ll learn why it is so important to have [...]

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