A good lesson from my recent injury

So, on Friday I rolled my ankle pretty badly.  As with many injuries, it was a result of being careless – I was rushing down the stairs with untied boots, hit a step the wrong way, and POP!


Fortunately, I was heading into my chiropractor’s office (shout out to Discover in Chaska) and after hobbling into the lobby had ice on it within a matter of minutes.  The pain was excruciating and I was sure I did some serious damage.


All the worst case scenarios ran through my head…


The thing that ticked me off (and deflated me) the most was thinking about my training program going to $#|^.  


You see, 2018 was a bit of a challenging year personally and professionally and it definitely had an impact on my body.  My excess fat number crept back up and I just wasn’t feeling my best.


Towards the end of 2018, my training was going really well and I was excited to roll into 2019.  I set some goals and really got after it. In fact, in the first 6 weeks of the year, I lost 6 pounds of fat and my lean body mass increased almost 4 pounds!


So, naturally, I’m thinking, “Well there goes all those results.”


BUT, I know better…


After a pity party that lasted a couple minutes, I immediately started thinking of how to adapt my training program to keep the momentum going.  Admittedly, I was probably somewhat happy about training lower body less and upper body more. ;-b


The point is, there’s always something you can do.


I’ve seen it too many times where people just throw in the towel and give up because they can’t keep doing what they were doing – it’s all or nothing.


Have you ever done this?


I certainly have.


Not this time!


Back to my ankle…


After sitting for about 20 minutes with ice on it, my ankle started to feel better.  There wasn’t much swelling and no discoloration. GREAT NEWS!


After a few adjustments (my spine was all out of what in response to what happened) and a little more ice time, I made my home to start the recovery process and see what the deal was.

Icing my ankle with Badger

Sleep sucked that night (so much pain!) and I felt a workout Saturday morning just wasn’t smart.  I did upper body on Friday morning and even if I didn’t, I felt a day of total rest (and several ice sessions) was best.


Sunday I woke up feeling a lot better, but still not ready to anything for my lower body – one body weight half squat told me the ankle wasn’t ready – so I decided I’d just do an easy upper body workout.  Of course, once I got started (sometimes that’s all you need) I ended up going all out and felt great. Naturally, I selected exercises that wouldn’t involve my ankle in any way.


SIDE NOTE:  There are TONS of exercise choices to work around most injuries. If you don’t know them, HIRE A TRAINER.


That brings us to this morning…


Lower body workout or not?


I’m happy to say that, while there’s still some constant discomfort, there’s no pain when I move in the sagital (front to back) plane.  Lateral movement is out of the question – OUCH!


So, the moment of truth…


Do nothing or do something?


There was most definitely a time where I would have chosen the latter.  After all, I couldn’t do the scheduled workout; there’s no way I could use the weights I’m supposed to.


So, why bother?


I’m happy to say I didn’t let my ego or my anal must-follow-the-program-as-it’s-written mindset get in the way…


Instead, I did the workout (ironically, it was all sagital) with just my body weight and slowly went through the motions.


I’m happy to report that it went great and I feel awesome – more in my head and heart than my body, although it definitely felt good to get some range of motion in the ankle.  🙂


I did test some lateral movement…NOPE.  That’s probably going to be a while…


Unfortunately, no morning walk with Badger. 🙁  I just can’t take the chance on the ice path. I’ll make sure to give him some extra snuggles though.  🙂


The point of all of this is, as you know, even the best-laid plans of mice and men often go awry.


Unfortunately, especially when it comes to fitness, people just throw in the towel when they can’t follow the original script.  And, for some, it’s just the perfect excuse…



Justin Yule

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