7-day Total Body Transformation!?!?!

I’m going to make a bold statement…
I believe you can transform your body in as little as 7 days.
I’m not talking about a quick-fix program or a starvation diet either.
What I’m talking about is an all-natural, HEALTHY approach to:

  • Boost Energy Levels*
  • Tighten Your Waistline*
  • Support Your Immune System*
  • Concentrate & Focus*
  • Manage Stress*

Many people know that a periodic body detox and cleanse can be very beneficial. It helps to rejuvenate your energy levels, weight management, hormones, skin, digestion and overall body balance.  
But, not all detox and cleanse products or programs are the same…  
In fact, many are miserable to do!  And, many require you to stay close to a bathroom at all times!!
My friends at Eniva Health created a much different program, one that actually addresses TOTAL BODY HEALTH.  Eniva’s program focuses on a variety of body systems for a more holistic and thorough approach.*

It’s also nutrient rich.  Most programs have very little nutrients to keep your energy level up and your body feeling nourished. In fact, many require long periods of fasting.  Eniva’s program provides you with four nutrient-dense supplements to keep you feeling balanced and healthy, not weak and hungry.*  

  1. Muscle Aid  focuses on the soft tissues of the body and removes heavy metals, including aluminum.*  We’ve also found that Muscle Aid helps address muscle soreness after intense workouts. 🙂
  2. Chlorophyll+ – designed for internal body conditioning, as well as purifying and cleansing the blood.*
  3. Life Cleanse –  gentle, high-fiber supplement “sweeps” the intestines and colon to eliminate backed up matter.*  FYI, you can hold over 10 pounds of matter in your gut!
  4. Vibe – the most amazing multivitamin I’ve come across.  One ounce contains the antioxidant power of 10 servings of fresh fruits & vegetables! There’s even a published study showing that Vibe protects your DNA!!

Plus, Eniva’s program can be used WITH food – you don’t need to starve yourself!  
I’ve seen fantastic results myself including a flattened stomach, increased energy, and better focus. 🙂
I’m very excited, comfortable, & confident sharing the Eniva Health Detox and Whole Body Natural Cleanse Kit with you!
You can order your discounted Detox Kit one of three ways:

  1. Click HERE. Order.  Then pick up at The Transformation Club
  2. Make your purchase the next time you’re at The Transformation Club
  3. If you’re not local, order here for delivery.

By the way, this is NOT one of those programs that requires you to be near “home base” all week long.  It’s gentle on your body and feels great. 😉
FYI, Janell and I each go through this 7-day protocol 3-4 times per year as needed…
Justin Yule

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