5 Rules for lasting weight loss!

All too often people lose weight only to quickly find it again…

Rule #1:  Get Clear

At the most basic level you might think of “getting clear” as setting a weight loss goal – lose 20 pounds in 6 weeks, for example.
That’s certainly part of it, but it’s not what I’m talking about here.
The thing you need to get clear on is what does life look like when you achieve your goal…

  • How do you look?
  • How do you feel?
  • How do you perform?
  • What is your attitude like?
  • What is your self-esteem like?
  • What is your workout & nutrition plan?

Often, we just focus on the number on the scale, but the reality is you want something more…
For me, it’s to feel great in my skin, have confidence, feel strong, have lots of energy and no annoying aches & pains, especially as I get older.  I enjoy eating healthy and working out regularly.  I know that when I feel great, I do great.
How about you?
Here are some additional questions that might help you turn your vision into your reality…

  • What will you sacrifice to make it your reality?
  • What is truly important to you (personally & professionally)?
  • What is the outcome you’re dedicated to?

For me, I’m willing to devote 60-90 minutes per day 4-6 times per week to workout with my training partner.  To make time for this, I’ve cut out most of my TV time from my evenings – This allows me to work later into the evening to “make-up” for the missed time mid-day.  It also allows me to get to bed earlier so I have energy for my mid-day workouts.  I’ve also dramatically changed my nutrition habits (to fuel my body), quit drinking (booze wreaks havoc on your body, plus I just can’t perform after a night of drinking), and follow a pretty intense supplement regimen.  My nutrition & supplementation plan would be considered “expensive” by many people’s standards… I think luxury cars and fancy clothes are too expensive…  It all comes back to what’s important to you…
For me, the most important thing is my health because without it I’m pretty worthless to those who count on me (my family, employees and clients).  Plus, with poor health, I can’t enjoy life, and what’s the point of living if you can’t enjoy it?
So, the outcome I’m dedicated to is performing at a high level, feeling great, looking good (hey, that’s important to me, too ;-b), and being a good example to those that choose to follow me.  I plan to enjoy a long, ACTIVE life with Janell… We’re going to grow older together, not old.
What about you?
By the way, I’d LOVE to read your answers!
Oh, and one more thing…
People around you (often your closest friends & family members) are going to doubt you…they’re going to try to kill YOUR dreams.
You may also try some things and they won’t go quite as planned.  So what?!
Earl Nightingale defined success as

“the progressive realization of a worthy ideal.”  

If you’re working on it and moving towards it you’re successful.  🙂

You also need to get clear on what you need to achieve your goal…  The 3 things we focus on are:

  1. An Effective Exercise Program
  2. A Realistic Nutrition Program
  3. Tons of Support from Like-Minded Friends 


 Rule #2:  WORK!

Just about every infomercial out there about weight loss tries to sell you on not having to do any actual hard work.
Sorry, it just doesn’t work (there’s that word again) that way.
Anything worth having requires work.
No exceptions.
But, most people want to find a loophole and savvy marketers will be happy to sell it to you.
If you’re not willing to work at it, then don’t bother.
Also, don’t get “paralysis by analysis” either.  That’s where you spend so much time researching that you never actually implement…
I’ve also heard the excuse, “I’ll start your program when I get in a little bit better shape.”
WHAT?!  Do you realize how silly that is?
So, be ready to work.  Better yet, be EXCITED to work.  🙂
You already know things you can take action on right now (drink more water, eat more veggies, get 10,000 steps in per day).  Here’s why it’s so important you do so:
When you take action you begin to build confidence.  Action breeds more action…  You feel even better about yourself and your ability to succeed… so you keep taking action towards success…
If you want to feel unstoppable, do something that moves you towards your goals.  NOW!
If not for the immediate results, do it for what happens in your mind – you build self-confidence and move from thinking to doing.  You’re making progress…no matter how small.
As you do this, your identity becomes about being a “doer” and the positive action starts to become routine…
Once it becomes routine it leads to expansion for more action…
And, the only way to achieving LASTING weight loss is through constant action!
You have more potential that you can probably imagine (I see this all the time with clients & 6-week Challengers), but unless that potential is fed by the best beliefs, attitudes, and resources…then followed up by consistent action…it remains untapped.
Tony Robbins has a Success Cycle that I think is spot on:
Here’s how it works:
You have a (perceived) level of potential, and based on that, you take action.
The action naturally yields a result.
The result you achieve enforce or reinforce your belief about your potential.
An improvement at any point in the cycle will create improvement in all parts following…
The problem is most people have a limited belief about their potential and therefore don’t take action (CONSISTENTLY) to change the results they see in their life.
This is what I love about our programs…

People HAVE FAITH & TAKE ACTIONTM by joining, showing up consistently and following the instructions.  This gives them results they never thought possible, which starts to change their belief in themselves, thus raising their potential, and round and round they go…accomplishing greater and greater success, including, but certainly not limited to, the LASTING weight loss they wanted!

So, start taking action now.  You’ll start to get the results you want, and those results will feed the whole cycle.
Also, when you take action, it gives you confidence so when you’re confronted with negativity or even temporary defeat, you can withstand it and not get derailed.  You learn to push through and stay on target…
Begin now by investing time in daily activities/practices that move you towards your goal…LASTING weight loss.  Plan your day/week ahead, and schedule time to work (cook, eat, train, sleep, etc.) on building the healthy and fit body you want…

Rule #3:  Embrace Simplicity

If you want to achieve your weight loss goal and have LASTING success, then you need to simplify things.
If you make things too complicated, you won’t consistently execute, and you’ll get frustrated, burnt out and ultimately quit… Have you ever done that before?  😉
Sure, you need to make educated decisions and follow a well-designed program, but you can’t let the burden of too much (too much information and/or too much on your to-do list) slow you down…
It’s the same thing in life and business –  You have a choice…
You can either be overwhelmed and struggle to get your massive list of things done or you can do a few things extraordinarily well.
Sure, the human body is a very complex machine and scientists and far smarter people than me have been studying weight loss for longer than I’ve been alive, but at the end of the day it really just comes down to consistently doing a few simple things really well.
In fact, we teach our clients and 6-week 20-Pound Challenge participants to focus on 3 things:

  1. Participate in an Efficient & Effective Exercise (Training) Program
  2. Follow a Realistic & Simple to Implement Meal Plan
  3. Surround Yourself with a Community of Like-Minded People

Of course, each of these has its complexities and it’s taken us years of practice and implementation to figure just what works best, but at the end of the day you can start by asking yourself:

  • Did I exercise and/or get in enough movement today?
  • Did I eat real, unprocessed, whole-foods focusing primarily on protein, veggies and water today?
  • Did I put myself in a positive environment that supports my goals AND makes me feel good about what I’m doing?  At the same time, was I able to provide support or lift someone else up who has the same goal as me?

If you lose focus and become distracted by overwhelm, you can’t be the best version of you (what ultimately matters in our opinion here at The Club – our mission is to educate, motivate & inspire you to become the BEST version of YOU!).
Here’s another part of simplification…one that’s going to sound strange coming from me…
Clear out the information overload!
You can’t study a dozen different “experts” or jump from one program to the next.
Pick a 2-3 experts in the field that really resonate with you.  Follow one program that actually makes sense and feels right in your gut…then stick with it!
At the same time, consider pausing your learning/following/reading/watching other non-weight loss goal oriented information.  Simplify your life and focus on a few key things that are most important to you.  By the way, your health & happiness should be at the TOP of the list…especially, if you want to be a great provider/supporter to your family & friends – you’re not good to them when you’re sick, tired, unhealthy…dead.
So, put all that other stuff on hold for a while…

  • Ignore them.
  • Put them in a folder or on the shelf.
  • DVR  TV shows…see if you really miss them.
  • Unsubscribe from email lists – hey, if I’m not providing you the information you need to achieve your goals then I encourage you to unsubscribe from this newsletter – there’s a link at the bottom of every email I send out.

Identify what success looks like to you and come up with a plan to achieve it – COMMIT to that plan.  You can certainly refine it and update it…or better yet…simplify it.  Then it’s time to focus on execution.
Simplicity will lead to Clarity, which will lead to the ability to take rapid, decisive Action…
Anything else will slow or even kill your progress!

Rule #4 is pretty awesome…but it’s a scary one:  BE BOLD

Most people lead average lives because they aren’t bold.
To achieve anything extraordinary you HAVE to be bold.
You have to be willing to get a little uncomfortable and challenge the norms.
I remember back when I did my first bodybuilding competition in college…
The thought of stepping on stage in front of thousands of people all oiled up in nothing but a “mankinny” was terrifying.  At this point in my life I was DEATHLY afraid of public speaking, and while I was speaking with my mouth, I had to be practically naked on stage!  Plus, when I first made the commitment to do the competition I was a good 40 pounds overweight!
But, I was willing to challenge myself and step WAY outside of my comfort zone to accomplish a goal I previously only dreamed about.
Signing up for that competition and then actually showing up on the day of was a BOLD choice.
Staying on the physique theme, last year in honor of my 40th birthday I decided to do a physique photo shoot.  I wanted to see if I could get into the same kind of shape I did 20 years ago…
I didn’t keep my goal quiet.  In fact, I ran a special challenge program that helped 40 people get in shape for their own photo shoot – this was awesome!
Sure, I could have kept the whole thing quiet and given myself an out if I needed it, but that would NOT be bold, would it?
By the way, when you step out, don’t play it safe, and do something bold…sometimes you’re going to miss.  I won’t say fail, because I don’t believe anything is a failure – so long as you made some progress and/or you learned from it for next time.
For example, with our 6-week Challenge, we DO have people who miss the 20-pound goal.  As awesome as it is, It’s not a foolproof plan…
But, is losing 18 pounds in 6 weeks “failure”?
Only if you give up and allow yourself to gain it all back again.  However, if you relish in your awesome results and continue to work you’ll ultimately hit your goal (maybe the very next week) and continue on to accomplish even more…
So, my advice for you today and my Rule #4 for LASTING weight loss is BE BOLD!
Instead of playing it safe and avoiding risks (“failure”), commit yourself to your goal and get after it!!
Oh, and besides the challenges and struggles, you’ll also get weird looks and probably some not so supportive comments from your closest friends & family, too – weird how that works; the people who you love and love you the most are often the LEAST supportive… because they’re not willing/ready to be BOLD themselves!
Now, the secret to being bold actually goes back to RULE #1: Get Clear.
Getting clear is CRITICAL because when you have a mission/WHY/purpose that’s truly meaningful to you, you’ll be able to push through/over/around the obstacles/naysayers/setbacks that you’ll inevitably encounter along your way.
I can assure you that the rewards of being bold FAR outweigh any benefit that comes with playing it safe.
When you’re crystal clear, everything else unfolds…
You get the willingness, the drive to HAVE FAITH & TAKE ACTION!™, the ability to make the right decisions, and you’re able to get past the obstacles in your way.

Rule #5:  Everything Matters

What I mean by this is that every single choice or action you take is either moving you TOWARDS or AWAY FROM your goal…
We’re all a product of our choices.  So, how have your choices been?  Just look in the mirror to find out.
Our lives are a direct reflection of the actions we did or didn’t take.
Are you getting the results you want?
If not, it’s almost always a reflection of the choices you’ve been making:

  • Missing workouts
  • Eating things that aren’t congruent with getting the results you want
  • Too many drinks on the weekend
  • Not enough sleep

Every day we have the option to plan tomorrow or to simply wake up and react to what comes our way.
Every day we choose how we’re feeding our mind – what we’re reading/watching/listening to.
Every day we decide how we’re going to engage (or fail to engage) with the people in our lives.
Every day decide if we’re going to take specific actions to move toward our goal or put them off until tomorrow.
In truth, we decide whether we believe success is even possible.  Our self talk is often the first domino for many of the choices we’ll make…
We decide who we spend time with…and I’ll tell you, without a doubt, that if you spend your time with negative people…you’re going to be negative and you’re going to get negative results!
If you surround yourself with others who play it safe and play small…so will you!
And, you don’t really get to pick and choose which decisions actually matter, which choices will be important in the long run.
You just never know how you treat someone on a given day will impact you, your relationships or even your life down the road…
You never know when the seminar you attend or the email newsletter your read will be the one that changes everything for you…
I’ve seen people’s lives ruined…or even ended…by a poor choice.  🙁
I’ve seen people’s lives forever improved by single, seemingly simple choice, too. 🙂
It’s a powerful reminder that everything we choose (to do or not to do, to be or not to be) affects us…
Sometimes we just become numb to it; we don’t realize how powerful an effect it’s really having on us and how we’re moving toward or away from our goals.
So, here again are the 5 Rules to LASTING Weight Loss:

  1. Get Clear
  2. Work
  3. Embrace Simplicity
  4. Be Bold
  5. Everything Matters

They’re not tactical.
They’re not magic bullets or quick fixes.
They’re the foundation that ANY success you want to have can and will be built on…
Embrace them and virtually any goal you set out to achieve will ultimately be yours!
Now, do as my signature salutation below says…

Have Faith & Take Action!

Justin Yule, BS, CPT, MTE, FMSC
President and Chief Officer 
The Transformation club 

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