44: It’s Time to Reboot Your Exercise Routine

Has your exercise routine suffered over the summer holiday? Now that September is here it’s a great time to take advantage of fall and get back into a regular fitness routine. Fall is considered the 2nd January in the world of fitness. People begin to get a bit less busy and have time to think about themselves more. Are you ready to see what you can do to reboot your exercise routine?

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Outline of This Episode

  • [2:22] We have a wavy line of consistency
  • [7:23] Why a detox?
  • [10:43] Certain times of year make more sense to do a detox or reboot
  • [15:55] Why is a mindset reboot important?
  • [20:24] How do you make it into a daily or weekly practice?

The wavy line of consistency

Let’s face it, it’s hard to maintain consistency with your diet and exercise. Our straight line to transformation is actually more like a wave. You’ll probably never achieve that straight line that you envision but you can make those waves smaller. As fall begins this is a good time to get back into some good habits. We tend to slow down more. The days begin to get shorter, you may get more sleep and find time to shift your focus back to yourself. Taking a challenge is always a good way to shift your focus back to yourself. Find out how you can shift your focus and make that wavy line of consistency a bit less wavy.

Why detox?

Detox isn’t something you do for 7 days or 3 weeks. Detox happens every day in your body. Your liver and skin are your main detoxification organs. But there are things you can do to support your liver as it detoxes your body. Avoiding alcohol, sugar, and processed foods can help your liver not have to work so hard. Refined oils also cause a lot of inflammation in your body. Limiting the number of times you eat out can really help minimize the amount of refined oil that you consume. Have you ever done a detox?

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Certain times of year make more sense to do a detox or reboot

During the summer you might be exposed to more sun or eating out more. Vacations are a prime time for processed food overload. You may have overloaded your body, but you can help it out by stepping away from the toxic load. Detoxing is like rebooting your computer. When you remove sugar, alcohol, dairy, and gluten you can help your body detox naturally. You don’t have to remove them all. But if you have never done a full-on elimination you should. You’ll never truly understand how food is affecting you if you haven’t experienced a full detox. A detox kit can help get you over the hump and rid you of those sugar and carb cravings that happen during detox.

Why is a mindset reboot important?

Let’s face it, there is a lot going on in life. Occasionally you need to shift your focus back to yourself. It is important to tune into how your thoughts are creating your emotions which are creating your actions which are creating your results. Take some time to dive into family, fitness, fun. Try adding things into your life like a daily gratitude practice, more water, or more veggies. You can also consider removing something that is not serving you any longer. What do you need to do for your emotional well being?

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