40: Identify Your Limiting Beliefs So You Can Achieve Your Goals

Are you able to identify your limiting beliefs? Our limiting beliefs are part of our identity. I’m not a morning person. I’m not athletic. These are some examples of the ways that our limiting beliefs can hinder our transformation. In this episode, we’ll walk you through some common limiting beliefs and how they can hold you back from transforming your life. If you haven’t listened to episodes 38 and 39, you’ll want to refer back to these. They don’t need to be listened to in any order, but they do have pertinent information to help you understand how limiting beliefs affect you and the stories you tell yourself. Discover how to identify your limiting beliefs on this episode of The Transformation Show.

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Outline of This Episode

  • [4:52] What are limiting beliefs?
  • [6:59] Some common limiting beliefs
  • [9:22] What are Justin’s limiting beliefs?
  • [12:12] Overcoming your limiting beliefs gives you confidence
  • [21:55] Is the all or nothing mentality holding you back?
  • [32:11] Notice that your limiting beliefs drive your habits

Who do you identify as?

I’m not a morning person. I’m not athletic. I work out daily. I can’t get everything done. We all identify as some type of person. This identity can really affect us when we try to make changes in our lives. Your limiting beliefs could be holding you back from your transformation in more ways than you know. 8 years ago I would never have worked out while on vacation, but now I am consistent about my workouts because I am a person who works out. I move my body every day. Are your limiting beliefs holding you back from achieving your goals?

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How do limiting beliefs work?

So many people think that the results they achieve (or don’t achieve) have nothing to do with their limiting beliefs. But our limiting beliefs dictate how we think. They control the thoughts that we have. Your thoughts elicit feelings and create chemical reactions in your body. Your feelings then fuel your actions (or inactions). And your actions dictate your results. Then your results come around again and reinforce your beliefs. This is a cycle of beliefs – thoughts – feelings – actions – results. The results we see in our lives are because of the beliefs that we have. How have your limiting beliefs held you back from achieving the results you want in the past?

Identify your limiting beliefs

What kind of limiting beliefs do you have? There are many common limiting beliefs surrounding fitness and health. Here are a few examples:

  • Working out is hard
  • Losing weight is hard
  • I don’t like healthy food
  • I’m not a morning person
  • Going to bed early limits ‘me time’
  • I can’t have fun without alcohol
  • I’m not athletic
  • Everyone in my family is overweight

The first step in overcoming your limiting beliefs is to identify them. What are your limiting beliefs when it comes to health, exercise and fitness? Think about how your limiting beliefs drive your habits.

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Overcoming your limiting beliefs gives you confidence

Have you ever overcome a big obstacle? How did you feel afterward? Once you overcome a limiting belief then you know that you can do great things. It gives you the confidence to strive for more. When Justin set out to become a bodybuilder he had a lot stacked against him. He didn’t have the genetics or physique to become successful. But he made the decision to do it and got it done. He didn’t waver. His success in this has led him to become successful in other areas. What are your successes?

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