36: 10 Years of Transforming Lives: How Did We Get Here?

As of this week, we have spent 10 years transforming lives! On July 13 we celebrate 10 years of transformation here at the Transformation Club. On this episode, we discuss how we got here. Spoiler alert: it wasn’t easy! Both of us left secure, well-paying jobs to take a leap into the unknown to pursue our passion for transforming lives. Listen to this episode to hear how we did it. If you get a chance, join us at the Transformation Club in Chanhassen on Saturday, July 13 from 8-11 to celebrate 10 years of transformation!

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Outline of This Episode

  • [2:22] We are celebrating 10 years of the Transformation Club
  • [10:18] Go find a mentor
  • [15:48] His business grew so much he needed to find a space of his own
  • [20:10] Pat helped him to dream big
  • [23:10] I was so scared to leave my steady job
  • [28:06] When our lease was up we had to make a decision
  • [31:55] Where will the next 10 years take us?
  • [34:45] What lessons has he learned?

How did The Transformation Club begin?

Justin and I both worked for Lifetime Fitness in our previous lives. He started the transformation club after a bumpy life transition. Although he knew that he wanted to start his own business, getting it off the ground is easier said than done. He began with a crippling depression that had him doubting himself. But after a weekend away for a fitness certification he came back sore and rejuvenated and ready to build his business. He knew that getting another job wasn’t in the cards for him and that he had no choice but to succeed.

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Mentors can show you a whole new world

At that time he had no experience with personal development and he became inspired by a few different mentors, especially Bob Proctor. Bob taught him how to dream big. He attributes mentorship as a huge part of his success. But he wasn’t afraid to learn new skills and step way out of his comfort zone to ensure that he brought in customers. After passing out flyers all over town Justin introduced his first fitness class at a local park with only some resistance bands, an iPod, and a Bose speaker as his tools. Once it got too cold for outdoor workouts he rented space at the Chanhassen Rec Center. Over the next year, his business became profitable but grew so much he knew he had to find a space of his own.

Failure was not an option

Although he was determined not to fail, he failed in many different ways. The road to success is always riddled with potholes of failure. His why was what kept him going even when things didn’t seem to be going well at all. Justin wasn’t afraid to try different things to see what would work. He has always been a risk taker and is comfortable with uncertainty. He knows now that there can be no growth without stepping outside his comfort zone.

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We look forward to 10 more years of transforming lives

Justin convinced me to leave my steady paycheck and jump on board so we could grow to become the Transformation Club and take the business to the next level. We are looking forward to the next 10 years and planning on how we will keep transforming lives. We look forward to coaching people more on how to change their habits and mindset. Listen now to hear what we’re most proud of, the lessons, we have learned throughout our journey.

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