3 Travel Tips to Stay ON

Hola!  🙂

Janell and I got back from our conference in Mayakoba, Mexico last night.  After a 12 hour day of traveling (we couldn’t get a direct flight), I’m e-a-s-i-n-g into today.

I slept in a little, snuggled with Badger, and hit a workout fully recovered.  Then I met up with Janell (she was the lucky one who opened The Club at 5:30 am this morning) and we took Badger to the dog park.  He was very happy! 🙂

In a few hours, I’ll be heading BACK to the airport for a trip to Chicago to co-lead a fitness mastermind group.  Then back home on Friday night in time for dinner.

Yeah, it’s a lot of traveling.  

On that note, I wanted to share three things that keep Janell and I going, especially since these are the kinds of trips where we have to be ON mentally all day long…

First and foremost, when we’re traveling, especially on plane days, we HYDRATE like crazy.  Flying is really hard on the body. Hydration helps a lot. Of course, we’re also making sure we get in our vitamins and minerals.  We’ll often take extra doses of both Vibe and Cold & Flu Buster.

Next, we really pay attention to our SLEEP.  We just don’t do late nights. A lot of people will stay out (usually drinking – not water) after dinner and end up dragging their butts in the next morning with a giant cup of coffee.  When we’re in conference mode, we’re all about getting the most out of what we’re paying for. On the flip-side, hen I’m hosting an event, I want to bring my best to the attendees who are paying.

Finally, we get in our WORKOUTS!  Someone actually asked at the farewell dinner, “Did you work out every day?”  ABSOLUTELY! Now, that doesn’t mean we always do an all-out killer workout. Often times, our main focus is on foam rolling and lots of stretching (we sit a ton at these events), and then we hit a few exercises (typically playing with some machines that we don’t normally have access to for fun).  It’s just a great wake-up before breakfast; it makes us sharper and ready to take on the day.

The next time you travel, try putting a little more focus on those three things (hydration, sleep, workouts), and let me know how you feel.


Justin Yule

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