29: Why Go Gluten-Free?

So you have likely heard about many people going gluten-free, but why go gluten-free? If you heard episode 28 then you know that eliminating gluten is one of the ways that we have created a healthy lifestyle. Rather than go off on a tangent in episode 28 we decided to dedicate an entire episode to explain to our listeners what gluten is, what it’s effects are, and why we decided to eliminate it from our diets. If you have any curiosity about going gluten-free or if you just want to educate yourself a bit about gluten then this is the episode for you. Listen in to learn what gluten is and why we decided to cut it out of our diet.

If you have any curiosity about going #GlutenFree or if you just want to educate yourself a bit about #gluten then this is the episode of #TheTransformationShow is for you. Click To Tweet

Outline of This Episode

  • [1:42] What is gluten?
  • [8:40] What is leaky gut?
  • [11:01] How did we get interested in a gluten-free?
  • [20:57] What is the donut incident?
  • [26:02] What to eat instead?

What is gluten?

Gluten is a protein found in wheat, rye, and barley. This protein can be found in bread, cereals, pasta, cookies, etc. It is like a glue that expands to hold things together and is used as a preservative. Since it expands in foods it also expands inside your stomach. Gluten was first identified as an issue in the book Wheat Belly written by Dr. William Davis. He worked with his patients on their heart health and noticed a correlation between this GMO wheat that wasn’t tested on humans and different diseases. Have you ever tried going gluten-free? How did you feel?

Listen in to this episode of #TheTransformationShow to learn what #gluten is and why we decided to cut it out of our diet. Click To Tweet

What is leaky gut?

Everyone’s gut biome is individual. The leaky gut syndrome can be brought on by stress, antibiotic use, or diet. The health of our gut microbiome greatly affects our overall health. We are supposed to have tight junctions in the gut or intestines. Over time those tight junctions start to pull apart and that is what is known as leaky gut. Gluten, the protein from eggs, or the proteins from dairy start to create inflammation and get into the bloodstream. Autoimmune forms and the body starts attacking itself in some way. Inflammatory compounds then show up and wreak havoc on our bodies.

How did we get interested in gluten?

We weren’t always gluten-free. Justin grew up on Long Island and enjoyed bread with just about every meal. But after my mom was diagnosed with Celiac disease in 2010 and started to feel better after going off gluten I started to research and experiment on myself. The more I read and shared with Justin the more we knew that leaving gluten behind would be the right choice for us. Letting go of gluten wasn’t an easy choice though. Travel was very tricky. Even though we lost a lot of weight and belly fat, staying on a gluten-free diet was a challenge.

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Should you go gluten-free?

If you want to know if you should go gluten-free you need to start paying attention to your body. How does food affect you? A lot of times we don’t put 2 and 2 together. We don’t correlate the reactions that our body makes from food because often the symptoms aren’t immediate. They can show up as long as 72 hours later. If you do decide to go gluten-free there are numerous gluten-free options. Think about whether you just want to replace your gluten-filled foods with gluten-free foods. If you do you probably won’t see a weight loss result. You need to go grain-free completely to really heal the gut and see the weight-loss results that you are looking for.

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What is #gluten and why don’t we eat it? Find out on this episode of #TheTransformationShow. Click To Tweet Should you go gluten-free? Educate yourself by listening to this episode of #TheTransformationShow Click To Tweet


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