2 States of Being

I spent some time this weekend diving into some of the content included in the business/personal development program that Janell and I are part of.  We’re really excited about some of the “next level” things we’re working on! I’m especially excited about bringing more mindset-related and habit-based teachings to our members…

Anyway, one of the concepts that comes up over and over again is this idea of “two states of being.”

Before I get to that, let me first recognize you and then ask you a question…

I want to recognize you for reading this.  The fact that you are means you’re someone who wants to achieve more; dare I say, you want to make a transformation in your life.  😉

So, where are you at with that?

Are you feeling stuck?

Ever wonder why we get “stuck”?

We get stuck because we think and therefore do the same things over and over and over…

You see, there is only ONE real moment of TRANSFORMATION…and that’s the moment you CHANGE YOUR THINKING about the experience.

Basically, when you look at a situation differently you change the way it looks, and therefore, your thinking, feeling, and subsequent actions related to it change.

There’s a lot in that last sentence.  Go back and read through it slowly and think about it step by step…

Do this…

If/when you are feeling stuck, how does that make you feel?  

Not so good, right?

Perhaps you feel frustrated or angry.  Maybe the situation stresses you out and makes you anxious.  It could cause feelings disappointment, sadness, or even depression.  

Basically, the situation probably stirs up a negative feeling of some kind.

Well, all of those negative feelings can be summed up with one word – suffering.  You’re basically in a SUFFERING STATE.

Here’s the thing…

When you’re in a suffering state your actions aren’t going to be in line with producing the transformation that you’re trying to achieve.  Instead, you’re just going to keep getting the same result – being stuck.


Because the positive transformation can only come from a “beautiful state of being.”

A BEAUTIFUL STATE is pretty much the exact opposite of a suffering state.  When we have feelings of hope, gratitude, happiness, confidence, excitement, etc. we’re living in a beautiful state.  

So, basically there are 2 states of being:

  1. Beautiful State
  2. Suffering State

By the way, you’re always in one or the other and can never be in both at the same time.

So, the BIG QUESTION then is…

In a given day, how many hours are you in a suffering state?  Weekly? Monthly? Yearly?

The average person spends about 4 hours/day, 28 hours/week, about 120 hours/month, almost 1500 hours/year in a suffering state!

Is there any wonder why we get so stuck?

You cannot be resourceful or productive when you’re in a suffering state.

When we’re in a beautiful state of being we can access our creativity.  We get inspired and ideas just seem to flow, and, without getting even more woo-woo on you, we attract the results we want…

So, the first thing you need to do to make a transformation is to get into a beautiful state of being.

How do you do that?

First, learn to recognize when you’re suffering.  Knowing is half the battle. 😉

Then, do things that will move you into a beautiful state, such as:

  • Gratitude – write down all the things you’re grateful
  • Read – read from your favorite personal development book
  • Music – listen to songs that make you feel good and even pump you up
  • Phone a friend – talk to someone who inspires and makes you feel good
  • Jump up and down – get “the juices flowing” and get energized

Those are simple things you can do in the moment to change your state of being.  Of course, for more longterm benefit, follow a daily exercise routine, eat more supportively, and get plenty of rest.  You know, all the health & fitness things we’re always preaching. ;-b


Justin Yule

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