18: Why Monday Shouldn’t Matter on Your Workout Calendar

It seems that everyone’s workout calendar starts on Monday. Do you find yourself saying this in your head: I’ll get back to the gym on Monday. Sometimes during our transformation, we drop the ball. But instead of picking right back up where we left off, we often create a time constraint. This is crazy because we can just reset at any time. Listen to this episode of The Transformation Show to hear why becoming a better version of you shouldn’t wait until Monday.

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Outline of This Episode

  • [1:22] Do you have a habit of saying I’ll do it on Monday?
  • [6:00] Attendance at the gym is always higher on Monday
  • [11:04] Are you waiting to see how you feel later to see if you will work out today?
  • [15:36] How can you change if you constantly say that you’ll start on Monday?
  • [23:55] Moments create the momentum

Don’t let a manmade workout calendar constrain your transformation

Deciding to become a better version of yourself shouldn’t be based on a calendar day or even a time of day. You can become a better version of yourself anytime. The calendar we use is a completely made up human construction. While it is very helpful in some aspects, it can lock us into a box. We end up doing certain things on certain days, but why is that? Our bodies don’t function based on a 7-day calendar. They actually function according to circadian rhythms. You can reset yourself, your choices, and your transformation at any time. Don’t use the calendar as a constraint to achieving an action or a goal in your life.

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How does decision fatigue affect your transformation?

Why is attendance at the gym always higher on Monday? The short answer is decision fatigue. Because of our 7 day calendar with 5 days on and 2 days to rest, often by Thursday, we are toast. Humans have the ability to only handle so many decisions in our lives. Think about when you wait until after work to decide what’s for dinner. You’re usually so tired that you just choose the most convenient option.

Put your habit forming on autopilot

Forming healthy habits is so important so that you don’t even have to think about them. When working out is an automatic habit you don’t have to decide whether or not to go to the gym. Habit forming is so powerful because it removes the process of decision making from the equation. Forming healthy habits is not a matter of willpower it is about creating the system to form the habits. You don’t have to have the motivation, you create the motivation.

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Healthy habits compound over time

Just like the miracle of compound interest, even small habits have a way of compounding over time. This means that good habits compound as well as bad habits. The little amount of progress you make each day with a healthy habit is like putting money in the bank, backsliding away from your healthy habit is like making a withdrawal. Once you begin to create healthy habits, you’ll find that the effects are what transformation is all about. Creating consistency is key. Building healthy habits is like building a chainlink fence, you don’t want to have too many holes in your fence. And once you see that fence grow you won’t want to break it down. The small moments create momentum in your transformation.

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Listen to this episode of #TheTransformationShow to hear why becoming a better version of you shouldn’t wait until Monday. Click To Tweet You don’t have to have the #motivation, you create the motivation. Learn how on this episode of #TheTransformationShow Click To Tweet
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