15: How Can the Expectation Gap Affect Your Transformation Journey?

An expectation gap is when our expectations don’t meet reality. This is a common problem when someone envisions their transformation. We all begin our transformation with big hopes. Often the beginning goes well, but when progress begins to slow many people become disheartened. On this episode of The Transformation Show, we discuss how your expectations fit the reality of transforming your life. You’ll learn how hormones and chemical reactions in your body affect how you feel and ultimately how they can play a role in the progress of your transformation.

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Outline of This Episode

  • [4:22] How does sugar affect your body?
  • [6:15] What do sports have to do with my weight loss journey?
  • [8:35] How do expectations affect your experience?
  • [16:25] What is more important to your transformation?
  • [19:44] There is no end destination, find the joy in the journey

What do sports have to do with my transformation?

Americans enjoy high scoring games. We find low scoring games to be a bit boring. One reason for this is dopamine. Dopamine is known as the feel-good hormone. Dopamine actually controls the way you feel and gives you pleasure. If you aren’t eating the right amount of protein and are lacking in micronutrients then your body isn’t making enough dopamine. One way for your body to create dopamine is by eating sugar and carbohydrates. This releases dopamine and will bring pleasure. Another way to create dopamine is by watching exciting sports, shopping, or by that mini-high you get through social media.

When you begin your weight loss journey or any kind of transformation in your life you are excited in the beginning. This helps you to jumpstart your transformation. Each small win that you achieve brings on the rush of dopamine. But over time that rush of dopamine dissipates even if you experience a win. This happens when your transformation slows. You only hit the gym 2 or 3 times a week instead of every day. You begin to add unhealthy foods back into your diet. Part of our jobs as coaches is to encourage you at this point. We’re here to remind you that every step forward, no matter how small, is an exciting part of your transformation even if your body isn’t giving you that high.

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How does the expectation gap affect your transformation?

Often our expectations don’t meet up with reality. Take for instance the Super Bowl, everyone thought that it would be a high scoring game. So it was that much more disappointing when it turned out to be low scoring. It was a bit anti-climactic. Ask yourself what your expectation is of your transformation. Is it realistic? If there is a big expectation gap this can cause your transformation to fail.

What is more important to your transformation?

What do you think is more important, numbers on a scale or the way you feel? So many people get frustrated when the numbers on the scale don’t move. They quickly discount the fact that they feel better, have more energy, their clothes fit better, and they are generally happier. Isn’t that the whole point? So think about it. Are you undergoing this transformation to watch numbers move on a measuring device, or are you trying to make your life better? What are your expectations for this journey in transformation?

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Find the joy in the journey

There is a gestation period for your goals that you don’t know. Nobody knows how long it will take them to achieve the transformation that they want. The thing is it could take years. You must learn to enjoy the journey. The journey is the destination. In our instantaneous world it can be hard to understand that real change takes time. Understand how your body works and that you will hit plateaus. Embrace the fact that your 4-6-8 week program to lose weight is really just a jump start to a long-term transformation.

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What do sports have to do with your #transformation? Find out on this episode of #TheTransformationShow Click To Tweet Learn how to find the joy in the journey of your #transformation on this episode of #TheTransformationShow. Click To Tweet
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